Switch from Verizon to Sprint?

Greetings everyone,  Stylish Daddy here bringing you a fantastic money blog story today. Growing up, my family always had Verizon. If it was the best, we had it and we didn’t care how much it cost because there is such a thing as convenience vs. price. It’s the same logic that goes into business. If... Continue Reading →


Getting Your Summertime Water Wish May Make You Broke

Belly partly made by pizza, sitting on a pizza 😅It's a hot day, but with our above ground pool we can cool off. Our wallets cannot. Awhile back, temps got up into the 90s and we desperately wanted a pool. Kellie and I did some research online and, in the end, decided on the Coleman... Continue Reading →

A Father’s Day Gift Idea: Tiny Closet Revamp

Hey Mamas or daughters, this one's for you!!!! If you still are looking for the perfect Father's Day gift ideas and you're a little handy, this could be your gift: a cool, manly, and budget-friendly closet makeover for that special Father in your life! It did take some $$ to get the wallpaper, dresser, and... Continue Reading →

Oh Hey Vacay (still available) / Life Update / Blog Update

Life Lately:Today was Beckett and my last day of school at Morris Bye in Coon Rapids. I have to say, we will miss some of our coworkers and maybe a few students, but we always love changes in scenery. To celebrate, we went to Best Buy to get Beckett the latest DLC for his Elder... Continue Reading →

Investing in Your 20s and 30s

Today my handsome hubby's taking over the blog to share one of his secret investment tips with you. It's easy to get in the app store or you can go to their secure website.[/caption] Trees grow from acorns just like that huge person who won't stop eating grew from a delicate baby. We take for... Continue Reading →

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