Investing in Your 20s and 30s

Today my handsome hubby’s taking over the blog to share one of his secret investment tips with you. Acorns in the App store how to get it.jpg It’s easy to get in the app store or you can go to their secure website.[/caption]
Trees grow from acorns just like that huge person who won’t stop eating grew from a delicate baby. We take for granted how even the littlest things can change a person’s grumpy attitude into, “wow, did he just ask me how my day was?”
Today I’m bringing you the excitement of what is called ACORNS. It is an amazing app that can make a world of a difference later in your life. You just need to watch it grow nice and plump. Acorns is an investing app that you can also access via the computer. I stumbled upon this app and love it because of its simplicity. Not only was it easy to register and link my bank account to, but I didn’t need to worry about buying or selling stocks, bonds, ETFs, etc. Acorns did it all!
The most common complaint I hear especially from teachers, actors, and writers (I’m all three!) is that they have no money. They don’t have a dime to invest yet everyday they walk into work everyday with their frufru coffee from Starbucks or Caribou– mostly Caribou since we’re in Minnesota–  and sip it with a little too much gusto. Well let’s do some math. One coffee costs $4.00 (I’m being nice here because this doesn’t include extra shots, whipped cream, or venti-size).  One a day for a month equals $120. Now factor in the gas that it took to get there, your time you spent in line, and your sanity (especially if you don’t have a job right now). $120 is plenty to get started in ACORNS!

Acorns App projected value blog post for millennial finances

Tells you how much $$ you should have when you’re old(er).

You can set up automatic deposits via the app that will come from your linked bank account or …AND THIS IS THE BEST PART…your linked credit card! That’s right, every time you make a purchase for anything in this world, even the awkward aisle, ACORNS will round up and invest your spare change (the change comes from rounding up to the next dollar). This way, 10 cents here and 20 cents there don’t seem to be missed. Eventually, your ACORNS account will have a lot of money saved up before you know it just by making everyday purchases.
As I said before, you don’t need any experience trading stocks. You just need to know your age– if you don’t, you probably are too old to begin. The reason being is because if you are young and wild, then you have a lot of time before you die, which means your ACORNS account can grow and grow and grow and you can set your profile to aggressive investing (meaning you have the potential to make big money or gains in large company stocks). If you are planning for retirement because you just realized that you’re not young but not yet old even though you’re in the category of the old people on your grocery saver card, then there’s a category for you such as moderate risk or even conservative that puts most of the money in bonds.
I started Acorns awhile back and did the linked credit card. The more I used my card, the more money went into my ACORNS account and I NEVER had to worry about investing it. Eventually, I decided that my wife and I didn’t need Netflix, so I deposited $10 monthly into ACORNS. Later on, I realized that we didn’t need to buy a new Xbox game every month, so now I could deposit $60 per month into my ACORNS account.
Who wants a bonus? ACORNS has partnered with other businesses meaning that the businesses will invest in you when you purchase from them. For example, my wife and I were extremely tired when we road tripped out to who knows where (we do know where, but for the sake of family relationships we cannot say because the information may or may not be conflicting), and we needed a hotel. I looked on my ACORNS app and noticed that they partnered with hotel tonight. I clicked on the icon in my app and used the SAME linked card to book our hotel. At the end of our stay, not only did the rounded money find its way into my ACORNS account, but Hotel Tonight put $10 in for booking through them. This was at the start of ACORNS. Now they have Toys r Us, Airbnb, Nordstrom, Apple, etc.
Acorns app earn money through brands you love to shop anyway

Shop your fav stores while paying into your future!

I had a nice balance after a year and noticed that they charge a $1 fee per month, which is just funny. Most investing portfolios charge about $5/transaction! A $1 for doing everything uh yes please! When I looked at the end of the year, I saw that ACORNS made me over $300 in profit. I got so excited and immediately withdrew it and spent it. Don’t do that. Don’t kill your tree when it’s about to grow. That’s bad. So go ahead and plant your tree by registering for ACORNS. If you sign up, they’ll put $5 into your account to get you started. Use the following link: and go and enjoy so you can enjoy your tree!
Your Writer,
Beckett Witzke