Embryo or Ultrasound Painting Giveaway!!!!

About the GiveawayHi girls! I decided to give 2 different mamas a painting, one embryo and one ultrasound. To enter, go find me on Instagram if you haven't already and enter by following the instructions under the same photo as the one ¬†you see in this post! My username is @the_classy_artist, I'd love to be... Continue Reading →


Children’s Room Art Inspiration

Hi there friends, I wanted to share a few of my favorite paintings I've done lately along with ways to incorporate them into your kid's room or nursery. A fun, original piece of art is a great place to start when decorating a room! This post is for you if you're currently in the design... Continue Reading →

5 Art Supplies Every Watercolor Enthusiast Should Own

Hey peoples! While I'm pregnant, all I do is paint with watercolors or draw because they are a little less harsh than other types of paint I like to use like acrylics, and especially oils. Since they are what I have been using, I wanted to show you some of my favorite watercolor art supplies!... Continue Reading →

my top 5 places to shop for picture frames

Hello all! I used to have a hard time buying frames because I thought I needed to spend a lot of money to get a nice looking one. Then I started searching for the best places to get inexpensive, but nice frames and here's what I've learned: https://youtu.be/8GOdg54_SwQ Also, in lieu of my bloopers at... Continue Reading →

Art Lately…

Hello friends, I keep saying this, but I have always loved babies. I don't know if it's innate in me or because of being the built in babysitter since I was the oldest daughter out of 7 kids, but I love babies. Awhile back my sis-in-law broke the joyful news to us that they are... Continue Reading →

Art Review/How To! Fine Tec Pearescent Watercolors

As my 2 year old is saying lately, "Hi Peoples!!!!" This is my latest art obsession and I can't wait to show you what I'm making with these metallic/pearlescent paints! xo, kellie

How to Paint Hydrangeas (part 2)

There is nothing more fun to me than to see a before and after so I thought I would start this post with a before and after of my painting. The "before" photo was taken after filming the first Hydrangea tutorial. The "after" was taken after the second video. I definitely like the progress! So... Continue Reading →

Create with Me: How to Paint Hydrangeas

Hello! Today I'm sharing the first half of my watercolor painting process. I will speed through a lot of it and tell you just the key details to help you get started on your own painting! Next week, I'll share the rest of the process with you because the time you will need to complete... Continue Reading →

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