7 white blouses you'll want to wear past Labor Day

blue ivy shirt 7
When it comes to fashion, rules have changed dramatically over the last decade. Mix black and brown. Don’t be afraid to wear what makes you feel comfortable. Athletic wear can be chic & socially acceptable in public (hello athleisure). Peep toed shoes in the fall? No problem, just add wooly socks! And white– it’s A-Ok to wear 12 months of the year– as long as it’s weather appropriate.
In fact, I believe fashion rules are actually made to be broken. The industry thrives off of it. If no one ever broke fashion rules we would still be dressing in robes and sandals like Noah. A robe sounds real comfy right now, actually…
What fashion rule do you want to be the first to break? I would love to find a way to make maternity jeans more comfortable because it seems like there’s a secret rule that maternity jeans have to be uncomfortable/not stay up. Is there a trend you want to try, but you’re afraid someone will think you’re not dressing your age? Or maybe you love a certain style, but you’re afraid to change out your wardrobe.Â
Speaking of thinking, Beckett & I went to a new Bible study group this week and were challenged to start finding tangible ways to love our actual neighbors. I loved that because we don’t usually talk with our actualneighbors. I know Jesus said we need to love our neighbors, but whenever I hear sermons on that topic, it always focuses on how everyone around us is our neighbor… and I think that makes me lose sight of my physical neighbors.Â
So anyway, if you’re up for the challenge, how can you love a neighbor this week?
Blouse Options:
1- FEW Moda from Saks off 5th, | 2- H&M Jacquard blouse3- Kas Saks off 5th4- Revolve5- H&M Ruffle Blouse6- H&M Bow Blouse7- Endless Rose Nordstrom Rack|
I am sorry to not have pictures of the blouses on here, but I ran out of time so you’ll just have to click through the links above to see how darling the tops are!!!
The rest of the outfit
Jeans: linked Articles of Society, they have a great shape!| Booties: Same cut and in a beige color| Belt: mine is from Overstock last year, I also just found an AWESOME monogram belt at the Ralph Lauren outlet in Wisconsin Dells and was about $25, but the closest in price I can find online is this Michael Kors belt from The Real Real. Otherwise, most other monogram belts right now are in the $400+ price range.
blue ivy shirt 2blue ivy shirt 4blue ivy shirt 5
Well, if you didn’t know it before, Im obsessed with white (or off white) tops. They go with anything and are completely timeless!

Meet Wellesley Bea <3

We welcomed miss Wellesley Bea to the world on September 21! After a long difficult labor the delivery went surprisingly quick and easy (after a last-ditch attempt at an epidural in between contractions).
On the 20th we sent Wolfie off to his grandma’s and went to the hospital while contractions were 5 minutes apart and so painful that I couldn’t talk through them. Don’t worry, I had been having contractions like this for days already so I was sure that this was the real deal– finally because nothing I did made them any better. After getting checked I was told I was “just dilated to a 3” so I was sent home to wait and come back when contractions got closer together. All day I was in pain– tons of pain — and the contractions kept coming every 5 minutes. No more, no less. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t in labor. Finally, we decided we should maybe go pick up Wolfgang since I was sure the hospital staff still wouldn’t admit me since my contractions were not closer together.
Then suddenly they started coming every 2 minutes and it was go time.
Beckett and I grabbed our bags (again), and made a mad dash for the car. I was in so much pain that I was screaming, yelling, moaning, and rocking. Bless Beckett for speeding the whole way to the hospital. I may have screamed at him for going to slow and then again for going too fast. Hormones. Amiright?
Beckett is a quick thinker so he called to have someone get me a wheelchair so he could drop me off & park. I made it up to the room and Beckett soon followed.
Beckett tells me I wasn’t in any mood for chitchat because between contractions I may have told the admitting nurse girl that she better not ask me if I’m still using an inhaler because it was for bronchitis a year ago and I’m not (they always ask me & it drives me nuts). Sorry nurse girl, I was in a lot of pain. It’s harder to be nice when you’re in pain.
Anyway, they then told me, you’re gonna have this baby right now, you’re a 10!
So I was like, what?! No epidural?!
The Dr came in, suited up, and sat down. Then he looked at me, then back at the nurse (disgusted) and said, she’s a 6. Hold her off until we can get the antibiotic IV in (I had group B strep).
You mean I can get an epidural?! Yassss!
It’s not easy getting an epidural while having super bad contractions, but I’m so thankful I got one! It meant that I could fight the urge to push and we got a little over half of the antibiotic IV in before Wellesley was born, hopefully putting her at less of a risk for infection.
After that epidural it was easy going, thank God!
We immediately fell in love with her sweet lips, fuzzy brown hair, and her constant need to hold her hands near her face. MNMGH092218dWellesley07MNMGH092218dWellesley09MNMGH092218dWellesley11MNMGH092218dWellesley13MNMGH092218dWellesley15MNMGH092218dWellesley19MNMGH092218dWellesley21MNMGH092218dWellesley23
She’s just a tiny girl, weighing in at 6 lbs. 9 oz, just about 1 lb. less than Wolfgang weighed when he was born. She is about 20″ tall. MNMGH092218dWellesley25MNMGH092218dWellesley27
We are so thankful for her health and that she’s an easy baby compared with Brother Bear (who always needed to be held or else he would scream). She had very little jaundice and she’s a GREAT eater! In fact, our only problems with eating so far were latching issues & that my milk didn’t come in fast enough for her so she was a little upset and we had to subsidize with formula for a day at the hospital.MNMGH092218dWellesley29
The first time Wolfgang and Wellesley met, they weren’t quite sure what to think of each other, but we did get brother to give sister a kiss for the picture. This would be a good one to make them reenact when they are older. haha
I’m hoping to get an outfit post up tomorrow– we shall see if brother & sister bear cooperate during nap time to make that happen! 🙂
Oh, also a shoutout to my hubby & those who helped get him a job at an incredible charter school! We are really excited for this one!

Bubble Braid Updo Tutorial

Hair Tutorial:

Guys, since I’ve been having the most difficult time downloading my painting tutorial today, I’m sharing my hair tutorial instead! The painting tutorial is still coming tomorrow, but it’s not quite ready 🙂
This hairstyle has been great in all of this MN rain, wind, and humidity because it’s a little messy by nature!

Correction and Update on W’s Ultrasound:

In case you saw my instagram post this AM, I wanted to clarify something and thankfully admit that I remembered something wrong from when Wolfgang was first diagnosed with his genetic thing this past year… gosh, I feel like the Fake News media, getting facts wrong here. So sorry! :/
First, I want to say that as a protective mom and a natural-born worrier, I have been trying to hold onto my son’s health and pretend it’s something I can fix or control, but lately I’ve been working really hard on giving that anxiety to God because I’ve been only hurting myself when I worry that much. I encourage you– if you’re holding on to something (anything) that you need to let go of and let God handle– please go on this journey with me. Let’s bring those issues to Him and ask Him to care for those problems instead of you. We weren’t made to shoulder such burdens alone.
So, back to Wolfgang… this past fall he was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that increases his chance of getting childhood cancer due to abnormal cell division. I mistakenly said in my post that kids with that diagnosis have a 90% cancer risk, but THANK GOD I was wrong. His chance is actually somewhere between 10-20%, depending on which study you want to reference. That makes him 6x more likely than the average kid to get cancer… but– again– I’m just thankful my memory was wrong!
The reason I mentioned the information above in my post is that Wolfgang has monitoring every 3 months to check for tumors and his appointment was this morning. The way they check him is by taking blood labs and an ultrasound of his abdomen. (We used to take him in every 6 weeks for labs and then every 3 months for the ultrasound, but our geneticist said new research showed no benefit of staggering the blood and ultrasound work). ANYWAY, shortly after his last ultrasound, I noticed a bump on his collarbone. The doctor wanted to check it for growth before doing testing so we waited. But over the last 4-6 months it has gotten quite a bit bigger and it really started to worry us.
Thankfully, the ultrasound technician had positive words for us today as we wait for the actual results from the doctor. The tech knew we were worried so she popped into the radiologist’s office quick to see if the images were good and to see what he thought. When she returned, she said from the initial look, everything looked good and that the hard growth on the collarbone had limited blood flow (good I guess) and that it looked like it could be a swollen lymph node since we had told her Wolfgang had been sick a lot this past winter.
Having a swollen lymph node for that many months still concerns me, but I’m glad to hear it doesn’t look like a tumor! AND I’m glad to have gotten my stats wrong because that gives my little boy a much brighter future!
Regardless of the percentages, please pray for our son as he continues this monitoring (it will continue until he’s either 6 or 7 years old, from what we have heard from our geneticist).
I will keep you updated once we hear back from the pediatrician or geneticist on the results.

Oh Hey Vacay (still available) / Life Update / Blog Update

the classy artist - casual summer look of the day outfit of the dayThe Classy Artist - pregnancy poseThe Classy Artist on the fence- closed eyes oh hey vacay tee

Life Lately:

Today was Beckett and my last day of school at Morris Bye in Coon Rapids. I have to say, we will miss some of our coworkers and maybe a few students, but we always love changes in scenery. To celebrate, we went to Best Buy to get Beckett the latest DLC for his Elder Scrolls video game and to look at pricing on a new computer for me.
If you missed it on Instagram, two nights ago I went to update a few things on my blog and realized my computer wouldn’t start up normally. The screen was stuck on this strange error messgae:
apple question mark file
I spent hours trying to troubleshoot it by googling everything about it and nothing I tried worked. It was a sad, sad day because I’ve had that apple desktop for a full 10 years. It was with me all through college and was what I still used to edit all my photos, videos, etc. Thankfully I had most things backed up on an external hard drive!
RIP, trusty computer with no name.
Today, being the sweetest husband, Beckett insisted on getting me a new computer to help me continue my dream of blogging and painting as my job (I use my computer to look up images as I make art too). I love how supportive he is of my dreams– even though they are distant hopes still.
In other news, my sis- and bro- in law are having a baby and we are over the moon happy for them! They have gone through so much on this journey to parenthood and to see them finally on their way is a blessing for sure! They had to do numerous rounds of IVF to get their miracle baby. Below is a watercolor painting of their cute little one as an embryo.
Embryo transfer ivf painting

About the Outfit:

Since work today consisted of a meeting and finishing packing up Beckett’s classroom, I opted for a comfy, sporty #ootd. The ‘OH HEY VACAY’ top is still $8 at Old Navy, it’s not maternity, and it’s PERFECT if you are planning a trip this summer! I really like that it’s lightweight and soft too because otherwise I get too hot lately.
My shorts are old, but sooo comfy that I can’t help but pull them out every summer. I found a pair that is super similar online today for those of you who like comfy cute shorts. Here’s a picture of them: ikat shorts.jpg
Also, full disclosure, my hair isn’t this thick or long normally. I’ve been pretty open in past posts about wearing hair extensions sometimes and I am loving my new ones from Barefoot Blonde Hair in the color Brownstone. They have a free try-on service that helped me know which color to choose and I think Amber Clark is genius for coming up with that idea! Read my previous review here.screen-shot-2018-06-08-at-9-19-34-pm.png

Blog Updates Pending:

Beckett helps me a lot with this website and this week we’ve been brainstorming lots of fun ideas to help us be able to serve you better by bringing you better, more regular and relevant content. Here’s a peek at what to expect:

  • Mondays: Budget-Friendly recipes and artful meal ideas for the week. I’m not a great cook so this will be my personal challenge as a way to better myself and you. I think that if I can find and make good recipes, and bring them to you through this medium, any of you who also struggle with meal prep will benefit from what I “bring to the table.”
  • Tuesdays: Outfit & mid-week inspiration to help ease you through the work week.
  • Wednesdays: A painting tutorial for a fun painting you can do on your own or with your family. As a teacher I see every day the need for families to bond together and spend more quality time together so I want to be able to show you some techniques and ideas to help you create beautiful artwork alone or with your friends and family.
  • Thursdays: Hair and makeup tutorials or beauty finds to help inspire your tresses or enhance your natural beauty! We all know that true beauty comes from within, but a fresh look sure feels great too! I will show you how I style my (thin) God-given hair to look thicker and also how to style long hair with extensions in easy work-week friendly ways.
  • Fridays: Financial ideas to help you save more and invest smarter. Friday is actually going to be Beckett’s blogging day where I’ll give him **almost** free rein over the content that day. Beckett took over our finances almost completely this year and I am so proud of him for how much he has learned since the beginning of the year, and what he will continue to learn in the future.
  • Saturdays: We want to hear from you because I want us to be friends. Some sort of a survey or comment section will be posted each Saturday with the goal of being able to get to know you readers better and hear more of what you want to see in the weeks to come.

What do you think of our schedule? Anything more or different you would like to see?