Mixed prints for spring

Top of the day to you! 😁

Today I wanted to share my favorite spring outfit that takes me through these crazy fluctuations in Minnesota weather! Next I have been dying to tell anyone who will listen about our double stroller because we’ve had it a few months now and still absolutely love it! Finally, I wanted to give a bit of a life update to tell you a few things you didn’t know about us lately.

First, my long leopard cardigan sweater and buffalo check tee are both from Shein. The buffalo check top is literally under $6 now and it’s probably my most worn top and I highly recommend it. I think mine is a size medium. They were gifted to me by the company awhile back and I still wear them all the time! I think the top is a few years old now! The denim shorts are from the Universal Thread line at Target and they work so well for me and my after baby body. I feel like they are long enough and fit the right way to hide some of my baby weight, yuh know?

Our stroller is the Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight and it is the best inexpensive double stroller ever! It’s sturdy, relatively light, folds up well, and has a cup holder! Plus, one of the biggest things about it for me was that it can hold a lot of weight so I don’t have to buy a new stroller as the kids get bigger. Oh, and the wheels work SUPER WELL, which was not our experience with our more expensive single stroller!

In other news, have you heard about our new business venture over here?! It’s an art subscription box called Classy Artist Box! Each month we send out supplies and access to a video lesson on our new site! This was our first month and I feel such a frenzy of nervously working out a few last minute kinks. BUT it’s so exciting to be able to do what I love and pass that joy to people around the country!

Today is an exciting day for us because in a little while we are launching our little kids boxes with options for preschoolers and elementary age kids! More on that soon, but for now here’s a link to our shop!

I love the kids boxes because it’s such a great way to spend time with your little ones in a way that you both can enjoy. Plus I’ve done all the shopping and creativity for you so you don’t have to come up with it all on your own!

Now I’m gonna go and start making the kids examples for our June boxes!! We are starting with fish related projects and I’m so excited to make them with Wolfie (who turns 3 this week)!!!!



Toddler Craft: abstract train painting

Lately I’ve been trying to find fun projects that will keep Wolfie busy while letting him play & be creative. I also wanted him to make something that we can keep and remember this sweet, explorative stage of life he’s in. I realized there would be no better way to remember this time than to let him paint with his Choo Choo trains because like lots of little boys, they are one of the things he loves most!

If your kid isn’t into trains, you could use literally any toy they love to play with. Think: trucks, Barbie dolls, toy soldiers, Lincoln Logs, pirate swords, or anything else without batteries that you can wash (and that you won’t be totally devastated if some of the paint sticks permanently). My only word of caution is to not use those little wood particle board figures or puzzle pieces like what come in the Melissa & Doug sets because they may begin to disintegrate because of the water.


You will need:

-washable non toxic paint in a few colors (squeezable tubes work better than tubs, but you could work with either).

-clothes you don’t mind getting full of paint or a paint apron (preferably both)

-toys to paint with

-a high chair or booster seat (something you can buckle him or her into so he/she can’t just get up at will).

-a stiff paper like mixed media paper, card-stock, or watercolor paper).

-A frame to compliment the finished painting AND to match the decor in the room where the masterpiece will go! 

first I thought it would be a good idea to put the paint in the high chair’s cupholder and let Wolfgang dip his trains in the paint, but that wasn’t working so well so…

Step 1:

Let your kid choose a color, then squeeze the tube of paint in a 2″ line across the paper where he/she tells you to. Wolfie’s first color was green and he wanted it in 2 spots on his paper.

Step 2:

briefly show your child how cool it is when he/she runs the train (or whatever) through the paint!     Step 3:

Let him/her have a great time, adding more color lines of paint as needed! 

Cleanup tips:

-use a bucket or Tupperware to collect the toys. then put the painting on a counter to dry. don’t worry if it has lots of texture or mounds of paint, it looks cool!

-put the bucket of toys in the sink and fill with soapy water, let soak for a bit.

-wipe off the work surface, your toddler’s hands, and anything else with a lot of paint on it.

-wash toddler’s hands in the sink.

-clean up any little bits of paint and wash clothes/coverup that are paint-y

-use a sponge or dish brush to clean off the toys, dry and then they can play with them again as long as there’s no hidden paint/water inside the toy!

With the finished product, be sure to let it fully dry before framing it!

Enjoy this precious time with your little one!