Drawing Tutorial: The Basics of Shading and Blending

  Hello loves & goodnight.... it has been a very long work day for me and now I need to get my pregnant self in bed, but since this video is FINALLY ready I needed to share! Xo, Kellie


Day Date’n in Stillwater, MN

Have you been to Stillwater for a date day lately? Even if you're single, it's a great place to go with friends to take in the fun shops, beautiful river, and good food! Our favorite places to go are: Mai Little Cakes, The Lowell Inn, Mara Mi Studio, and the old sawmill antique shop. If... Continue Reading →

Real Recipes for the Real Girl (with free printable plan and shopping list)

Happy Monday and welcome to my new blogging schedule! All my life I've loved to help people so when Beckett and I were talking about how best to serve you this summer, we landed on the idea of helping you gals with inexpensive meal ideas that are healthful and yummy, but also budget-friendly and pretty.... Continue Reading →

Oh Hey Vacay (still available) / Life Update / Blog Update

Life Lately:Today was Beckett and my last day of school at Morris Bye in Coon Rapids. I have to say, we will miss some of our coworkers and maybe a few students, but we always love changes in scenery. To celebrate, we went to Best Buy to get Beckett the latest DLC for his Elder... Continue Reading →

what the sad ending of kate spade’s life can teach us

The branding of Kate Spade's bright colors and fun prints has been synonymous with happiness and fun. I remember getting my first Kate Spade accessory (a fedora) back in 2011 and it always made me feel like I was bound to have a special day just by wearing that hat. That's the power fashion and... Continue Reading →

How to organize kids toys

You've likely clicked on this post because you are in need of desperate help to organize your kids' toys. I should preface this by telling you I'm no expert, but I've picked up a few tips from friends, family, and other blogs that I've found helpful. Then, I looked for ways to make the storage... Continue Reading →

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