add this to your capsule wardrobe now…

White blouse: Romwe in a size medium Guys, I have to show you this blouse from Romwe! I wore it last week and I just think every girl needs a pretty white blouse! Plus, you know I love a good deal so it is fitting that this top is only $15! There are also other... Continue Reading →


Classic Boyish Style: a nod to the 40s

For years I was a tomboy growing up so I kinda am in love with these easy to wear trousers. Paired with similarly colored classic prints they reminisce of an iconic time in history-- the 1940s. Above a college girl in the 1940s shows off her love of plaid and "mannish" trousers. We'll call her... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Outfit Inspiration

Suede Pocket Jumper Blush Sperry Booties Floral Day Dress  Embellished Ted Baker Pumps Royal LBD Ruby Red Brooch Pumps Lace Hem LBD Mad Glitter Steve Madden Pumps Frilly Mod Floral Blouse H&M Rouge Pencil Skirt Navy Lacey Pumps Revolve Lovely Lace Brassiere  I adore Valentines as much as the next girl, but this year I've... Continue Reading →

How to Style a Chanel Inspired Jacket

Don't you just love a good Chanel-inspired tweed jacket like this? It's classic and powerful, without being too masculine. I wanted an old school vibe so i kept my accessories simple, but stylistically iconic.speaking of style icons, this neck bow is from my grandmother's collection of bandanas, bows, and ties. I love wearing it with... Continue Reading →

Mixed Prints, Mixed Messages Under 30

Hello Loves! Has the flu hit your household yet? Wolfie's been under the weather lately so we have been laying low for about a week and a half. But then this morning the sun was shining and Wolfie was finally his hyper self again. Talk about mixed messages. So we decided to shower off the... Continue Reading →

calze a rete

The title of this post is "fishnet tights" in Italian because I couldn't think of a good title and there is clearly a sign for pizza in the first picture.  I think a better title could be "figlio adorabile" because that means "cute son," but idk if I want people searching "cute son" to find... Continue Reading →

if a t-shirt could talk…

  ... what would yours say about you? Would yours tell of your funny humor like this shirt, fun with your family and friends, or would it tell of your struggles with loneliness and anxiety? How about all of the above? What do you want it to say about you? On Monday night as Beckett... Continue Reading →

balancing life, family and social media presence

"You've really been spending a lot of time on your phone lately," Beckett mentioned as he mixed up Wolfie's antibiotics and cleaned up the dishes after breakfast. I was taking a little "mommy break" because I had been up since 6AM with our boy and I let Beckett sleep in. I felt like he had... Continue Reading →

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