The *Unseen*

Hello beautiful! This week I’m showcasing two lovely pairs of undies from Bootay Bag because 1) I love collaborating with them and 2) I definitely need new underwear!

There are so many days my outfit looks cute on the outside, but my “intimates” are ratty and worn. I realized the only reason I do that is because I’m lazy and don’t take the time or spend the extra money/time it would take to replace my old pairs. But just like personality, it’s often what’s on the inside that counts πŸ˜‰

Oh, and if you’re a dude, it’s not rude to get this for your wifey, K?! She’d love it!

—->Get your first pair here!!!




the most perfect 3rd anniversary gift

For our three year anniversary Beckett really outdid himself by finding me the most gorgeous green leather portfolio and business/credit card holder!

I felt so excited about this gift because not only is it a useful gift, but it is my absolute favorite kelly green color!!!!

Leatherology has lots of other gorgeous designs, colors, purses, and even diaper bags and I think I can speak for Beckett and say we both HIGHLY recommend this brand. He was absolutely glowing out of pride when I opened the gift and I can see why!

I wanted to post about these because 1) my husband is so thoughtful and I need to show him off and 2) this would make a great gift for a graduation, for someone making a career change, or for anyone who appreciates beautiful things.

Wolfie has been sick for the last few days and it’s been hard on me. He has had such a high fever that I ended up taking him to the Dr. today and all is fine now, but his fever was scary high (104.6 degrees). Seeing my child suffering like this is hard, especially when my only remedies are to try to keep him cool and give him medicine. 😦

Being a mom is draining and hard, but way more fulfilling than I would have ever guessed.

It’s now time for me to finally get some sleep (I barely got any last night because beckett was working today so he needed it more than I did). But now he has tomorrow off and I work all weekend so now it’s my turn to sleep– thank the Lord!

What are you doing for Labor Day weekend?! I’ll be working hard helping to design peoples’ kitchens!



Pink + Berry

Jacket: BCBG, similar here found on Shopbop by Blank on sale for about $60! | Sweater: similar from Amped Up @ TjMaxx | jeans: American Eagle Outfitters |boots: Charles by Charles David (Walmart has them at the best price!!!—-$33) but you can also get them from Amazon, Macy’s, or 6pm.

Hello lovely readers! Welcome to all of you, near and far! I love seeing you read from over in Japan, Sweden, Germany, South America + more! Maybe some day we’ll meet if we aren’t already acquainted! Lately I’ve been yearning to travel again… to go on an adventure, but we need to prioritize and save up first.

Speaking of saving up! You won’t have to save up long if you use my latest shopping discovery:! πŸ™‚ Seriously. This isn’t an ad. I just found out that Walmart’s website sells tons of cool designs and brands that they don’t carry in stores! Isn’t that crazy?!

What I love about my new boots:

  1. The color is gorgeous for fall.
  2. The cut is very flattering.
  3. The price is REALLY good. They look as fresh and fall-ish as Stuart Weitzman boots, but are affordable for us normal folk.

Pretty sure Walmart owes me for telling y’all about this one.

You’re welcome.

Oh, one last thing! I have worn my pink moto jacket for over three years now and it’s by far one of the most versatile things in my closet– besides my AEO jeans. I wear it in the fall, warmer winter days, and all spring long. You won’t regret owning one of these babies!

Just some shopping tips if you’re updating your wardrobe for fall 2017!



velvet, embroidery, and tassels, oh my!

Wishlist for Shirt Dress Velvet Shoes and Tassel Earrings
I wanted to show you the gorgeous Shein dress from last week’s post, Nighttime Number.

And then I had to share all the cute velvet shoes I found online to match the embroidered shirt/dress! On average the shoes cost around $40, but a few are more or less expensive than that.

I also had to show you a few tassel earrings I found for my sis-in-law a few weeks ago. They are so so cute and on trend now!

Here are the items in a list form:

  1. Shein Embroidered Flower Dress – $27
  2. Mossimo Supply Co. Women’s Maliha Velvet Mary Jane Ballet Flats – Mossimo Supply Co. β€’ Mossimo β€’ $22.99
  3. Dune Gracious velvet loafers β€’ Dune β€’ $32.50
  4. Dorothy Perkins
  5. FOREVER 21 Velvet Embroidered Loafers β€’ Forever 21 β€’ $38
  6. Caro Velvet Loafers β€’ Dolce Vita β€’ $59.99
  7. ASOS LEXUS Cat Pointed Ballet Flats β€’ Asos β€’ $40
  8. Lucky Brand Carlyn Velvet Flats β€’ Lucky Brand β€’ $69
  9. Twin Gore Slip On Sneakers β€’ $19.99
  10. Velvet Pointed Toe Loafers β€’ Charlotte Russe β€’ $22.99
  11. wild diva Teal Kaibin Velvet Faux Fur-Lined Loafer Mules β€’ Wild Diva β€’ $29.99
  12. Women’s Lemon Velvet Flat -Black β€’ Badgley Mischka β€’ $59.99
  13. Carvela Lap pom pom-detail velvet slippers β€’ Carvela β€’ $74
  14. Bolaro Faux Fur Pompom Velvet Flat β€’ $19.97
  15. Women’s Hani Velvet DSW, light brown $40
  16. Women’s Sarlinas Velvet Loafer -Burgundy β€’ Mix No. 6 β€’ $39.99
  17. Women’s Bellini Fairy Dress Flat β€’ $62.95
  18. Chinese Laundry – Gabby Women’s Slip on Shoes β€’ Chinese Laundry β€’ $45.99
  19. Vanessa Mooney – ShopBop – $45
  20. N by nOir Women’s Ivory Chandelier Tassel Earrings β€’ $14.99
  21. Shashi Camille Earrings β€’ Shashi β€’ $45
  22. Sway Pearl Drop Earrings β€’ Charming charlie β€’ $9.77
  23. Artemis Tassel Earrings-Yellow β€’ BaubleBar β€’ $18
  24. boohoo Leila Plate Fringed Tassel Earrings β€’ Boohoo β€’ $12



PS. here is the list in picture form with clickable links!

warning: this sweater may induce cozy autumn feelings

Romwe sent me this sweater for our Door County trip so I wore it all week and have no regrets about it. πŸ™‚ It’s only $21, but you can get it for less if you use one of their promos.

Scroll down to see *most* of the ways I wore the sweater this past week! At the beach with the family…

…and auntie WeeWee, AKA Peyton! This night was when we went out to a Swedish bar and restaurant! I wore it out for a day of art gallery hopping and ended up tiring it around my waist all afternoon because it was hot, hot, hot! Dinna with the whole crew! I wore it on our anniversary date! This outfit is subtly different than the others, promise! HahaI wore it with my athletic wear to a yoga class and then later during bath time for Wolfie!I’m obsessed with how cozy this sweater is and I adore the color. It’s crazy to me how this one wardrobe staple, a few dresses, a t-shirt, a pair of pants, and a pair of shorts got me through a whole week of vacation!

What color schemes are you enamored by lately? For me it’s brown, gold, and white (with pops of pink, green, or blue)! Can you tell by my outfits?



nighttime number

dress: Shein (worn as shirt) | shoes: coach or similar with flowers | pants: shopo, similar Levi’s here |earrings: sugarfix from baublebar (as seen below– got a few DMs about them on Instagram so I thought I’d link them now). This outfit is what I brought on our Door County family trip to wear on Beckett’s and my 3 year wedding anniversary date. I actually repeated this outfit a few times over the course of the week because it’s so comfy and easy to wear. The top is great as a shirt or a dress for most people, but because of my height it looked a little risquΓ© without pants. I’m wearing a size medium and it’s baggy (how I wanted it) so it fits pretty true to size.Beckett and I kept trying to take pictures of this outfit at dusk and they didn’t turn out so finally we took them outside the house under a light and they turned out kinda interestingly. Then Beckett started getting a little creative with the poses he was telling me to do and we ended up with this! Let me know what you think of it in the comments below:)

This shirt/dress is a little low cut, but wearing it with pants helps to keep things classy.

Here is a picture from our anniversary date! It was such a great night out with my husband and it was so sweet of Beckett’s Mom and sisters to watch Wolfie for us so we could go out!

We ate at Alexander’s the got coffee and ice cream as we walked out to a pier and around a little tourist area. It was magical!

BTW- Isn’t my husband cute?!