Bubble Lisa + update

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Calling all artsy graphic tee lovers! This Mona Lisa bubblegumhttp://bit.ly/2lxtOcf tee is only $9, comes in so many colors (I esp like the hunter green, gray, black, and pink!) and you can use my exclusive discount Q4TheClassy15 (Extra 15% off any purchase, valid from October 1st- December 31th, only US site: https://us.shein.comhttp://bit.ly/2lxtOcf).

I paired this tee with my red wool jacket that was my grandma’s. So clearly you can’t find that one anymore, but luckily I found a similar one that I’ll link herehttp://bit.ly/2lxtOcf!

This photo was taken earlier this month at our local mid-morning stomping ground, Barnes & Noble. Usually I work while Beckett walks around with Wellesley. I like it because it’s a nice change of scenery. Beckett likes it because, well, books. 🙂

I wanted to say thank you on here for the outpouring of love and support my business, ClassyArtistBox.com has gotten lately. It is such a blessing to have you all cheering me on, ordering, sharing, and talking us up. Sometimes I feel so alone trying to run an online business and it feels so good when I hear positive feedback & feel the love. Along with the love and support of my family, it’s what keeps driving me.

Speaking of family, my little Wellesley Bea randomly came down with quite the bug today. She seemed totally normal all morning and then around 10AM she started getting cuddly and sleepy so naturally, I napped & cuddled her until I woke up around noon and realized she was super warm. Long story short, she has a fever and has been vomiting. It makes me so sad to see my kids sick. 😭 If you think of it, we would absolutely love prayers that she would feel better soon.

The fever/vomiting combo reminded me of when Wolfgang had strep at this age and it went misdiagnosed for so long that an ER dr told us it could have been really bad if we hadn’t brought Wolfie back and insisted on a strep test. He was totally lethargic and the fever reducers had stopped working. So we took Wellesley in right away today to rule out strep.

Here is a picture of the kids the other day.

The love to “work” on their computers in their cubicle. Haha



Summer Sequins

Hey peeps, these are some pictures from my lovely birthday celebrations that happened last week after our day of cleaning!
We picked up Wolfgang from Beckett’s mom’s house and went out to eat at PF Chang’s because Chinese food is my ultimate pregnancy craving right now.
It was really fun to get to chill out and shop around afterwords too except for when the girls in the Victoria’s Secret (Fountains at Arbor Lakes in Maple Grove) were rude and not helpful. That kinda put a damper on the evening for a moment, but we didn’t let it spoil our fun for long!
We found the cutest thing for Wolfgang at a shop there…keep scrolling to see what it was!!!!
This William Sonoma Apron kit from Pottery Barn Kids, now sold out, but similar is linked!
My dress is from when I was pregnant with Little Boy, but I found a few similar maternity options as well as a few options that are for you regular girls- haha! I’ll link all of them below!

Maternity sequin dresses:

[click the photos for the links!]


Asos $88



Women’s sequin dresses:


Left: Romwe sequin sweater shirt dress $12
Right: Walmart sequin sleeve dress $15
Sunglasses: BP Women’s $14 @Nordstrom
Sandals: Tory Burch Sandals–this is my color, but here’s another TB pair I adore… you’ll see why when you look at them!
Military Jacket: Levi’s from Nordstrom! a really nice, relaxed look!
Bag: mine is a vintage coach bag so I can’t find the exact, but here’s a similar version AND another by Dooney and Bourke that is ostrich and soooooo gorgeous!!!!

Beckett and I cleaned a lot on my b-day, but I also spent time painting because I needed to get some paintings out so we stopped for a quick photoshoot on our way out the door! These embryos are now at their home in Colorado! It makes me happy to know my art is going into homes in other states and that it will make the families happy who will look at the paintings for years to come!

My handsome dinner dates!

Wolfie playing outside of the shopping area after dinner.


Thanks for reading tonight! Please let me know if the links don’t work or if you have any questions about clothing or artwork!

I’ve been keeping a secret for a few months… also, you won’t believe how soft this $8.50 tee is!

Top: old navy | pants: TJ Maxx $20, not exact, but look similar | watch: timex – I’ve had mine for a year and wear it often!| bracelets: I’m linking a SUPER pretty alternative! Check it out below too! | hair extensions: barefoot blonde hair in Brownstone | bag: vintage Louis Vuitton | necklace: gold with layers
I’m currently laying in bed, writing this post, and watching the latest Bachelorette. So if there are typos or I actually write the word, “Becca” or “Minnesota,” don’t mind me. 🙂 So far I can’t tell why girls keep complaining about this season because it seems good, but we shall see if it holds my attention in the next few weeks.
This morning I told Beckett that I accidentally looked cuter than I thought I would and therefore needed him to take these pictures- haha! I may have seen him roll his eyes. But for real, the braids got quite a few compliments today because they were so fun!
When planning this post, I mainly wanted to show you this comfy shirt, but I also thought I should reveal my good-hair-day secret and tell you about my Barefoot Blonde Hair extensions. I feel like I can speak to them now that I’ve been wearing them nonstop for a few months.
This isn’t a paid post so you can be sure that I have no special interest in giving these extensions a good review. But I can’t not give them a good review! They are silky, remy hair (all shafts going in the same direction), that is a fine consistency and a great length. However, I think the main attraction to the Barefoot Blonde extensions is that the clips are super great quality and they have an at home try on service (seriously a genius idea b/c I wouldn’t have guessed that ‘Brownstone’ was my color by a website!!). Oh, and the other great thing about this line is that they now come in ‘seamless’ wefts, which are said to feel lighter and look even more flawless.
Seamless is a little more expensive than the traditional kind I got, but now the kind I have is sold out. But I would definitely get the seamless if I were ordering again today.
Have I mentioned how soft the shirt pictured is?! It’s seriously heavenly! And I’m not kidding, I want to find that same material at Joann’s and make a baby blanket out of it! 🙂 Maybe I could line a baby blanket with it!
Ps-here’s a pic of the bracelet I linked and it’s just $18!

my 5 ways to wear a scarf, spring 2018

Ways to wear a neck scarf.jpg

Hi gals! These are my 5 favorite ways to wear bows/neck scarves this spring! I’ve always loved how smart and fashionable a little scarf looks knotted around a lady’s neck so when my aunt doled out my late grandma Deloris’ scarves, I was very grateful. If you haven’t noticed, I wear them a lot and I often get questions about where I got them or how I tie them so today I’ve linked my favorite shoppable scarves under $50.

  I’ll be shooting some videos on my creative ways to tie scarves soon so stay tuned for that! But for now, you can “oooo” and “ahhh” with me over these pretties I picked out for your viewing/shopping pleasure!

Look by Look:

1- a neck tie scarf tied under a button down. | 2- a bandana scarf tied into a bow. | 3- a neck tie scarf pinned up into a bow with a brooch. | 4- this shirt has a built-in bow! | 5- instead of a scarf, in this case i used a ribbon from a craft store with the ends singed to prevent fraying. 

Shopping Information:

Linked Scarves: 

1Talbots medallion scarf ($48)| 2Echo blue floral scarf ($39)| 3ELOQUII scarf ($9) | 4- Peter Taylor green striped scarf ($46) | 5Talbots red scarf (27) | 6- Kate Spade scarf ($36) | 7Peter Taylor floral scarf from Farfetch ($46) | 8Missguided scarf ($9) | 9Barney’s NY scarf ($49)


10Marc Jacobs # pin ($40)| 11Joan Rivers violet pin ($25)| 12Sequin brooch ($45) | 13Joan Rivers beetle brooch ($49)

Have you ever tried fastening a brooch to your bandana or scarf? If so, I’d love to see a picture of it! Just tag me on Instagram @the_classy_artist and I may just feature you on my page!

PS- I didn’t include a link to any ribbon because, well, that would be silly! Just hit up your local Joann’s or Hobby Lobby and grab a strand of ribbon that catches your eye. Then, cut it to size and carefully singe the edges with a match so they don’t fray. Be careful not to burn yourself or anything else!