3 hair products worth bringing into the woods

hair products.jpg
Hello, hello!
This week we were at a cabin in the woods with Beckett’s family and I tried to pack light. You know I didn’t actually succeed according to some people’s standards, but I did well for me. What I mean is that I couldn’t bring every modern amenity to the woods with me that I have at home so I had to decide, what do I really need to maintain my regular beauty routine? Thus, the following is what I brought for my hair (other than a pin & bristle hairbrush that smooths and detangles and my bfb extensions).
Dry shampoo is definitely a must for me because I put it on at the beginning of the day even with fresh hair to create some root volume and to texturize my hair. It also prevents hair from looking oily throughout the day. If your hair is as fine as mine and your skin as oily, you def. need to try this OGX Refresh & Restore Coconut Oil Dry Shampoo before styling! I went through 2 bottles of this in the past 3 months and love it, but if you would like a less expensive alternative, the other drugstore dry shampoo brand that I recommend is the Volume and Fullness by Dove. it works well and is less expensive than the OGX brand (but not as good smelling. Sorry Dove, I still love you!!!).
The curling iron is a bigger barrel curling iron– Conair Pro 1.5″ (mine is from Sally Beauty). I like using this one because it gives my hair lots of volume whether I’m wearing my extensions or not. Otherwise, for more defined curls on my regular length of hair, I use a 1″ wand like this one by Conair too.
Before curling my hair, and again once I’m done, I use Pantene flex hold (2) hairspray on the ends to keep my hair in place, but still maintain movement.
Have you tried any of these products?! If so, let me know how you think they compare to other brands or products you’ve tried!

Best How to wear a choker in 2016 without looking…

… too scandalous or too 1990s/2005.

I think (for most girls) a good rule of thumb is that the choker should be 4″ or less away from the collar of your shirt in at least two points. I personally would always shoot for 3″ or less. Does that make sense? I’ll show you below.


Notice how I didn’t include a scoop neck or an off-the shoulder top? I’ll explain more on why I don’t like that look below. But first, here are my tips on wearing a choker as an in-the-moment fashion statement.

1.Wear it with a crew-neck chunky sweater like the first drawing above.

2. Wear it with a deep narrow v-neck shirt.

3. Wear it with a slightly unbuttoned button down.

Hint to keeping it 2016: don’t wear a choker with an off-the-shoulder top unless you know what you’re doing and/or have literally the perfect body that can make anything look cute. Why? This combination can easily turn into this gal below. Ive seen that done really cute by a fellow blogger, but it’s hard to pull off and is usually best left for the pros.

bar-girl-wearing-choker-from-westernsHowever, if you do like the idea of wearing a choker with an off-the-shoulder top and you want to play it safe, keep everything in your outfit super modern with a neutral color palette.

Happy Friday, gals!