Hoppy Spring: which bunny is your favorite?

The other week someone requested a custom portrait of a whimsical bunny with a floral crown. I am very excited for this particular piece because it was a fun challenge! It’s still not finished, but below are a few iterations of the same bunny, which is your favorite?

Vote in the comments ORR visit the listing (here) be one of the lucky 3 people who can get a spot to have your own bunny painted before Easter! Otherwise, we have a limited number of prints available in various sizes!

If you order, I would love to feature how you style this Whimsical White Bunny in your home! I could see this painting looking real cute sitting on an entryway table similar to this set up I found on Pinterest!

I already have another painting request for a bunny with lots of navy blue accents to match her front entry decor, what color would you like as an accent in yours?


Kellie Witzke

my 5 ways to wear a scarf, spring 2018

Ways to wear a neck scarf.jpg

Hi gals! These are my 5 favorite ways to wear bows/neck scarves this spring! I’ve always loved how smart and fashionable a little scarf looks knotted around a lady’s neck so when my aunt doled out my late grandma Deloris’ scarves, I was very grateful. If you haven’t noticed, I wear them a lot and I often get questions about where I got them or how I tie them so today I’ve linked my favorite shoppable scarves under $50.

  I’ll be shooting some videos on my creative ways to tie scarves soon so stay tuned for that! But for now, you can “oooo” and “ahhh” with me over these pretties I picked out for your viewing/shopping pleasure!

Look by Look:

1- a neck tie scarf tied under a button down. | 2- a bandana scarf tied into a bow. | 3- a neck tie scarf pinned up into a bow with a brooch. | 4- this shirt has a built-in bow! | 5- instead of a scarf, in this case i used a ribbon from a craft store with the ends singed to prevent fraying. 

Shopping Information:

Linked Scarves: 

1Talbots medallion scarf ($48)| 2Echo blue floral scarf ($39)| 3ELOQUII scarf ($9) | 4- Peter Taylor green striped scarf ($46) | 5Talbots red scarf (27) | 6- Kate Spade scarf ($36) | 7Peter Taylor floral scarf from Farfetch ($46) | 8Missguided scarf ($9) | 9Barney’s NY scarf ($49)


10Marc Jacobs # pin ($40)| 11Joan Rivers violet pin ($25)| 12Sequin brooch ($45) | 13Joan Rivers beetle brooch ($49)

Have you ever tried fastening a brooch to your bandana or scarf? If so, I’d love to see a picture of it! Just tag me on Instagram @the_classy_artist and I may just feature you on my page!

PS- I didn’t include a link to any ribbon because, well, that would be silly! Just hit up your local Joann’s or Hobby Lobby and grab a strand of ribbon that catches your eye. Then, cut it to size and carefully singe the edges with a match so they don’t fray. Be careful not to burn yourself or anything else!


la la lollipop


We’ve been having tons of family fun time this week while squatting at my in-law’s cabin. 😉 We’re soooo thankful for this little mini break!


fyi- you don’t know how hard it is to take a lollipop licking picture without it looking dirty… lol

One of the things we did on Saturday was to drop by an old fashioned candy store for lollipops and other goodies. Wolfie was especially drawn in by all the bright colors and sweet treats in the store!



I ordered this dress from Romwe on Amazon and think it’s the perfect thing to wear this spring! It’s a little short so I will wear it with pants on cooler or windy days. 😉 

Order a size or two up, knowing it’s short and would fit too tight if you use your normal size. I’m wearing the XL. Keep in mind I’m 5’10” and needed length along with it to fit in the bust.

The best part is it’s only $14.39 and is perfectly on trend. What better way to update a normal dress/shirt than to add a flattering crisscross detail?!


He just got a mini-taste, don’t worry!c19new

There’s a story about my hair so here it is:

My husband and I were watching Friends and when Phoebe had her hair like this in an episode my hubby and I both thought it was kinda fun. So I jokingly told him I would wear it like this sometime.

Fast-forward to Friday while in a mall and I look over and see an ad with a girl in this hairstyle again! I thought, “ok, tomorrow’s the day!”

And that’s why I’m wearing Princess Leia buns! lol

A similar headband for $12 is linked here and it’s so elegant!


Can you see how much this little guy loves to walk?! Today he literally ran up the stairs (while I held his hands, of course)!


My loves! Look how cute they are!!!!!

What do you think of the crisscross dress? Would you wear it as a dress or shirt?!