decor inspo: blue island and mantel

mantel copy

Compromise. It’s part of what makes the world go ’round. At least it feels that way.

Beckett and I have very different taste so when we moved into our new house and I started talking about painting the old ugly oak cabinets he immediately wanted dark colors. He prefers black, dark brown, deep hues of burgundy, and bright blue. His design aesthetic is sometimes modern, sometimes traditional.

I like things brighter, lighter, and a little luxe. I like the clean feel of a white room, but I’m not in love with the 2016 all white everything trend, but I like things bright. I like a little color mixed with unexpected accents.

The mantel and kitchen is our mix– our perfectly imperfect home decor balance.

A lot of work went into getting the kitchen to this point and it’s still far from done.
If you have a house that needs a little help like I did, maybe this list will help give you ideas of where to start.

Order of projects to DIY an ugly kitchen into 2017:

  1. scrape the popcorn ceiling
  2. paint the ceiling (mine is taupe).
  3. mark cabinet doors so you now where they go
  4. take off the hinges (and label them… I made the mistake of not labeling and it took me hours to get the hinges back to normal since not all of them were exactly the same… it was a pain in the you-know-what)
  5. take off cabinet hardware (that I added soon after we moved in because it drives me nuts to not have drawer pulls).
  6. clean doors and lightly sand
  7. use bonding primer to prime doors
  8. tape off the floors and walls
  9. prime, and paint the frames of the cabinets with your enamel paint (that just means its semi- or gloss paint).
  10. paint the cabinet doors with 2 coats of your paint.
  11. let dry for one day.
  12. add hardware back on
  13. paint walls and built-ins in living room/kitchen area.
  14. tile over existing fireplace tile.
  15. paint mantel and kitchen island blue!
  16. add “shiplap” to the kitchen island to give it some interest/texture.
  17. wallpaper above mantle.
  18. replace repulsive kitchen light fixture.

blue kitchen island with white peremeter cabinets diy shiplap copy

Still on my list:

  • get new counters
  • upgrade faucet
  • fix garbage can pull out (it opens randomly and I can’t figure out why!)
  • resurface the kitchen table.
  • add corbels to the island as a countertop support.
  • replace appliances when they die (and that could be sooner than we hope). 😐
    arrange roses copy

    Beckett got me these beautiful roses and I couldn’t help but take a picture to show them & him off <3 thank you, babe!

When the whole project is done I’ll post a before and after, sound good?

Until then, let me know if you have any questions about what type of paint to use or other questions related to my projects!



cute baby stuff… 

Wolfgang is 2 months old today so I put together this little video to show him off!
And here are some photos…

Time certainly does fly when you’re having fun and having Wolfie has been the most fulfilling and exciting experience of my life. He’s exploring and learning new things every day. This last weekend we could have sworn he was trying to snap his fingers. 
I love his little babbling as he says things like, “ahhhh” and “oooooh” or my favorite “ahhhgooo!” I love it when he try’s to mimic noises I make. Or when he worms his way around because those little legs never stop kicking! Even from the day he was born he could hold up his head, which scared me because he didn’t know how to set it down gently. He’s figuring out how to be careful with his head, but it still makes mama nervous. We can tell he is very smart and that’s a big mellon!;)
On another note, did you see the crib and changing pad sheets?! They are adorable and absolutely perfect for his nursery!

I teamed up with KB Cute Designs because I love basically everything they make and I HAD to share because I know you will like them too! The sheets are cotton, breathable, stylish, and fit the “boyish charm” look we wanted for his nursery. But there are other cute patterns to choose from for whatever type of a nursery design you like. My favorite sheet set for a girl is the Navy Blue Floral fitted crib sheet. <3
Another reason I would recommend these sheets is that they fit perfect and are made well. They tuck under and “hug” the mattress so they don’t slip off. 
To see more sheets and other baby items visit I or check them out on Instagram @kbcutedesigns. 
Thank you to KB Cute Designs for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Nursery Rhymes 

Top Row: 1) Blythe Crib 2) Rocking Cradle 3) Cherry Round Bassinet
Bottom Row: 1) Jenny Lind Antique Crib 2) Wrought Iron Canopy Crib 3) Harper Bassinet
Top Row: 1) DaVinci Changing Table, ebony 2) Stock Craft Changing Table 
Bottom Row: 1) DaVinci Changing Table, cherry 2) Badger Basket Sleigh Changing Table 
Top Row: 1) JellyCat Large Bashful Kitty 2) Hazel Village Max Racoon 
Bottom Row: 1) Sailboat Gingham onesie 2) Burberry Mini Check Print Shirt (on sale)
Over at our house we started planning for our baby’s nursery. we decided to go with a simple color palette that can work in the future for either a boy or a girl. Various shades of gray are super popular nerd nursery color choices lately and I’ve actually always been a fan of gray even before it was popular! So I think we’re going to go in that direction. 
The last picture has some cute stuffed animals and outfits! I think that Burberry shirt would be adorable for family pictures. And that gingham onesie… Do I need to say more? 🙂 I already have the cutest little hangers from Target for the closet! We found them in the Dollar Section, but they were $3. Can you tell what gender we’re having? 🙂


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Thanks for reading! I can’t wait to hear from you!