Friday Basics

Hey ladies, I’m so excited to show you these three outfits because I would wear any one of them any day of the week. I especially love the preppy look of that first sweater, but I’m always down for a pink girly sweater or a classic ensemble with a creative vibe. Each outfit is super affordable too!
Take your pick….

The of Duty Model:

Brown sweater | Crisscross jeans | Metallic heel booties

The Rockstar Chic:

pink sweater | black button jeans | platform shoes

The Creative Fashionista:

Writing sweater | Plaid crop pants | Red fuzzy heels

my go-to personalized gift idea

My Custom Phone Case Design with Case App

Last year I made a phone case through and I adore that case still, but this new case is going to be sooooo cute that I really want to share the design now! In case you haven’t seen my other collaborations with Case App in the past, here is the link to my collaboration for my flower phone case and my Classy Artist stickers.

Choose if you want to make a case, skin, or laptop skinStep 1: Choose what type of case/skin you need

There are many different options to chose from. You can create a phone case, laptop skin, or stickers from scratch or you can order from one of their other ready-to-go options!

caseapp.comStep 2: choose a case size

Once you’re on the site and have decided if you want to customize a case or buy one that is pre-made you can choose from quite a few different phone sizes. I like this because I usually keep my phones for a long time and then I can’t find the right case size at the store when I need a new case! So if you (or your friend) has a ghetto phone you can probably still get a case for it on here! 😉


how to upload a photo to case appStep 3: Add your pictures!

If you chose to customize then upload your photos and then decide if you want to make a collage or have just one photo.

The photo I added is a design I created while thinking about our Christmas card for this year! I love that it is so festive and home-y.

Create a layout

Below on the right you can see some of the collage layout options. I like the polkadots and the center grid if I were doing a collage!you can chose a premade layout to put pictures into

Step 4: Adjust the image

Resize your image and add text or clip art as desired. Last time I made a skin and I used the text feature to write “The Classy Artist” as pictured here.

if you do a collage you can chose a custom background color

Look how good it will look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 I can’t wait to get it in the mail!you can add a design

Why I chose to collaborate with Case App:

  1. I love that the cases make such perfect Christmas gifts for those people who are hard to buy for *cough*my husband*cough*
  2. As a creative I love being able to make/design things myself so a custom phone case is right up my alley. 🙂
  3. The company is so genuine and it is a Swedish company so I want to support their awesomeness!
  4. To make it even better, the company gave me a 20% off code for you all lovely people to use! It is: CLASSYARTIST20

Let me know if you have questions or even if you want help designing a Christmas Card! I would love to help give ideas on how to do it yourself and what to do with it!



Shepherdess Chic

This day pictured was one of those rare Sunday’s off last month so we turned it into a whole family outing and went to Barnes & Noble and our favorite confectionary– Nadia Cakes!
On another note: we are so thankful to be this little boy’s parents– he is tons of fun and so happy!

Coat: Romwe | Skirt: Ann Taylor, similar style from ASOS… really classic! | Boots: Delicious at | Blouse: similar, relaxed fit white button down | bag: Tradsey, similar from TheRealReal that looks pretty good and is about $300
Hello lovely gals!
Today I wanted to share this cozy and interesting Romwe jacket because it’s cooling off around here and you’re going to need this shepra coat soon!
I also wanted to show you these over the knee boots from because they are amazing. I bought them last month and adore them! The color I’m wearing is Cognac, which is unfortunately sold out at this time, but most sizes in Smoky Taupe (another awesome color) are still available!
Everything else in this outfit is pieced together from old things I have and constantly repeat. I think you’ll love the similar items I’ve linked too.
You may have noticed that I haven’t posted a lot lately and you might be wondering why. The answer is really complicated, but the short of it is that work has been really demanding and there’s been a lot of change and uncertainty in my life. So family comes first.
I want to thank you readers and brands I am working with at this time for your patience and understanding. You guys really are lovely.
This post is brought to you in partnership with Romwe. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Time for Fall Layers

Hey gorgeous,
There’s nothing I love better in fall than being able to get creative with layering, but nothing pulls a cute outfit together faster than adding an arm party to the mix!
Timex sent me their Metropolitan watch a few weeks ago and I’ve been wearing it almost every day since. If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that already though 🙂
The black and gold finishes on this watch are very modern– but classic in a cool way. The best part is that it goes with almost every outfit I’ve worn since I got it!
If you’re in the market for a new watch also check out the styles/colors I will mention below. They are really gorgeous!
The Metropolitan also comes in other finishes, but my favorite ones are: gold with a matching band or rose gold with a matching band. Oh, and honorable mention goes to the Weekender style with the wool band… that thing looks so foxy, am i right or am i right?
They also have an updated version of the beauty they sent me this spring. It has a grey band and rose gold accents.
Shown here:

Which style would you wear most?!