Switch from Verizon to Sprint?

Greetings everyone, 
Stylish Daddy here bringing you a fantastic money blog story today. Growing up, my family always had Verizon. If it was the best, we had it and we didn’t care how much it cost because there is such a thing as convenience vs. price. It’s the same logic that goes into business. If your business is growing, you might hire a knowledgable accountant instead of doing the work yourself. We always figured it was worth paying more for the best phone service because we could and we liked the convenience of it. 
Kellie and I started to think about switching carriers a few weeks ago after comparing our phone payments with a few of my family members who also use Verizon. We were sharing 2GB per month between my phone, my iPad (which I never use because of the update APPLE released that slows down your device so you have to buy a new one), and Kellie’s phone. We always ran out of data after about two weeks. 
To do a little research, we went into Verizon and began asking questions about different phone plans. We could have our three devices and unlimited data for only $160 per month. I told him about my iPad that we wanted to replace so we could use it for Wolfie’s games and movies on long car or airplane trips. That would be an extra $300 because I missed when you used to be able to “upgrade” your device for a fraction of the price. Now you buy a brand new device and have to pay installments every month. As of now, we are only paying $87 per month for 2GB. So should we buy the iPad and stay at Verizon? If you know math, no. Not only would the iPad double our expense per month, which adds up to over a $1,000 per year, we would have also had to buy a $300 iPad that we didn’t absolutely need (but really wanted because my old one doesn’t work). We thanked the guy helping us and headed over to Sprint to see what they had to offer. We are glad we did.
Next we discussed plans with Sprint and it turns out that we can have unlimited data for two devices for $80 per month plus taxes, so roughly $85. Already, we won by asking questions and looking for a better option. What about my iPad upgrade? <QUE CHURCH BELLS> The Sprint employee told me about the deal they are having with the latest model of an iPad for only $100 paying $4 per month for two years. Here’s how it works when the price is broken down: each line you add on to Sprint gets cheaper. For example, my line was $50, Kellie’s was $35, and the line for my new iPad was $25. We also got a discount because of where I work. When all was said and done, the total monthly bill is about $105. Not bad since we were getting a lot more for our money than we had been at Verizon! 
We immediately said, “please sign us up!” and that’s when things got annoying. Since we were bringing our own phones over to Sprint, we got a discount. This also meant that we needed new SIM cards and they didn’t have them. The employee told us to call back later to see if he would get some in. Four hours later we called and he told us no, but that he ordered them and they would be in on Saturday morning when they opened. We signed up for a time to come in Saturday morning and everything seemed all set. 
Saturday came and the salesman acted like we had never talked. At first he didn’t remember me and then he asked me if I remembered that I should have called first to make sure the SIM cards were in. He had clearly told me the cards would be in on Saturday. It gets better. Another employee seemed to want to pick up the slack and called other Sprint stores in the area immediately and found two SIM cards in the town over. I knew that it would take him roughly 40 minutes to grab them and come back. We were supposed to be heading out of town right then and there, which was frustrating but I always keep my cool. 
I decided to take the family to Burger King and eat since we hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. An hour passed and we came back to the Sprint store to only realize that we beat the employee who was supposed to be already back. The employee walked back into the store almost immediately after I walked in to tell us that the store in the other town didn’t have them. Where are all of these problems coming from? Lazy people who look at a computer and see that the inventory says they have them when the lazy person should get up and walk ten feet and check the backroom or shelf to make sure they have what somebody called for. Annoying, right? I told them briefly we were heading out of town again, even though the original employee should have known (which is why we signed up for the first time slot to come in on Saturday). I said thanks and walked away. 
After twenty minutes on the road, I got a phone call from Sprint telling me that the district manager talked to the store in a city we were about to pass and that if we came in, we would be taken care of. Would you trust that? I would and did. 
We walked into the new Sprint store and we were more than taken care of. Our phones were activated with our new SIM cards, my new iPad was up and running, and our awesome monthly rate was locked in. We didn’t even have to call Verizon at all! Our signing up nightmare was over. The thing that made it even better was that we had a wonderful lady helping us who knew what she was doing and took enough pride in her work and the store’s reputation to listen to our needs.
Are you wondering about the wisdom of our iPad purchase? I looked on Best Buy’s website for the exact same iPad and it was $300, BUT, it was wifi only, which meant you could never hook it up to a network. If you buy an iPad with wifi and it is unlocked, the price goes up to $450. We got the same iPad for $100. Did we really save $350 difference? In a way, yes. Over the course of two years, we will be paying for the iPad to have Sprint service and that is $25 per month, which adds up to $300 per year times two and you get $600 for two years plus the $100 it cost to buy the iPad, so the total would be $700 for two years. If I bought the iPad outright, it would be $450 plus $600 for a total of $1,050 over the course of two years. Total savings: $350. 
The question remains: who wouldn’t switch carriers? I think lazy people would be one category (and I was one of them), but I also know that coverage can vary a little bit so you should do research into your area and see if it will work for your needs. By the way, we also have 15 GB of hotspot for each of our devices and now we also have FREE HULU thanks to signing up with Sprint.:) Enough said.
-the Stylish Daddy
Ps. my wife wanted to also add that we’ve been happy with our cell coverage while traveling in another state so far. When we didn’t get great service out in the boondocks, our Verizon family members didn’t either so we didn’t feel like we were missing out on cell coverage.
Also, we looked into Walmart’s plans too and decided that everything they offer is pretty comparable to Sprint price wise and we still didn’t get all of the perks as we would have with signing up with Sprint.