if a t-shirt could talk…

it's ok guacamole, im extra too tee shirt amazing

This shirt is from Rose Gold Rebel on Etsy, it is SO SOFT, I highly recommend. Necklace was a gift from one of my lovely sis-in-laws and I had to include it because it’s a rose gold choker, of course! See another cute rosegold flower choker (from J.C. Penny here)


… what would yours say about you? Would yours tell of your funny humor like this shirt, fun with your family and friends, or would it tell of your struggles with loneliness and anxiety? How about all of the above? What do you want it to say about you?

On Monday night as Beckett and I loathed having to go back to school we both were on our phones and I discovered photos and videos from when I lived in Sweden on my phone. After being initially annoyed that somehow Apple transferred those pics without my knowledge, we were happy to reminisce.

We laughed so hard we cried as we watched videos Beckett sent me that I had saved on my phone. In most of the videos he was doing something silly and saying outrageous things to make me laugh because he knew I was lonely over there. Now that’s a good boyfriend! In contrast, all of my videos were pretty serious and/or me being sad I wasn’t with Beckett. Now I look back and laugh because I was so scared being there alone wondering if everything would turn out like we wanted in our relationship. I’m thankful everything did work out and we got married when I moved back to the USA, but I look back and wish I had been happier to be in the stage of life that I was in. 

You’re probably bored by now, but I want to leave you with the encouragement to seize the day and have fun even if your five year plan needs to be extended a little bit longer. I’ll do the same today and we can compare notes at the end of the day. I think I may try doing an Insta Story about how my day felt as I tried to live joyfully even though I feel like I’m in a rut lately.

I wish I could post one of Beckett’s funny videos on here, but I think he would kill me… part of me is considering it anyway because at least I would die knowing I made you laugh!!! 😛 haha

P.S. I gave this shirt (in peach) to my sis-in-law for Christmas and she said she got tons of compliments on it. I mean, how cute is it?! Amiright?



13 (pretty) things…

Shein What I Want December edition copy
I didn’t # these like I usually do. I hope that the list is still easy to see which item I’m linking!
Let me do the shopping for you so you have time for other things! I’ll help you find the cutest, most economic, or best of what is out there! I think style hunting should be about finding pieces that hit the trifecta: they should be needed, something you adore, and should be able to stay in your closet rotation for years to come. Whether you’re on the hunt for a cozy sweater, Christmas dress, coat , or accessory I’ll have you covered!

Embellished and Turban Headbands:

Blue Velvet | Embellished Plaid | Warm Embellished Turban | Jeweled Headband | Black Buckle Headband | Silk Embellished Headband

Velvet Dresses:

Reddish Bow Dress | Merlot Trumpet Sleeve Dress | Evergreen Trumpet Sleeve Dress (this also comes in blue)!


Velvet Brown Sports Jacket | Millennial Pink Fuzzy Jacket | Dusty Rose Fuzzy Jacket 


Sequin Colorful Sweater

I hope you find something useful to you in this post!



a gift for dad!


Beckett’s outfit | Shirt: “Dad” | Pants: True Religion | Shoes: Puma | Sunglasses: Prada 

Wolfie’s outfit: Old Navy 

Becoming parents has been such a surreal experience for us. Through it all Beckett has been such a rock by being so helpful and always positive. Watching him be such a great daddy melts my heart. <3 Those nine months of pregnancy took us on such a rollercoaster ride of emotion — from overwhelming joy to worry and doubt (the latter was mostly on my part) — and he was the one who held me together all the way. Now we have a little boy and these crazy feelings of love that we didn’t even know were possible. I’m constantly reminded how lucky Wolfgang is to have a dad like Beckett and I think the graphic on this shirt pretty much sums this daddy up!

Today I’m excited to partner with The Blue Envelope to share with you one Father’s Day gift your dad or hubby will LOVE! And if it doesn’t come in time for the big day on Sunday, who cares? He’ll love it even more if it’s just an “out of the blue” gift! There’s a backstory here that I want to share though. The other day Beckett was helping me look through the Blue Envelope website and he kept jokingly asking if the clothes would look hot on him. Including the clothing I was looking at… we had a good laugh, until I realized, umm yeah I want to see him in that “dad” shirt! Fastforward to today and I can definitely say I love it on him! Plus, he absolutely loves it too, I’m so glad I ordered it for him! Pretty sure this shirt will be on repeat for the next few days!


Here are a few more shirts that I think are awesome for you or as gift ideas! Look for another post soon about my favorite Blue Envelope shirt! Can you guess which of the items below I went gaga over?


Hope | Nurse | Aunt | Mama | Dad | You Are Enough

Brought to you by The Blue Envelope.

Embellished Beanie Tutorial


embellished beanie

Similar beanies: Club Monaco || Markus Lupfer || Magaschoni

To make this project, you will need: a beanie, beads or buttons, faux fur, a needle, cotton, sharp scissors, and thread to match the hat, beads, and fur.

Hiiii! I’m really excited/nervous to share with you the first video tutorial that I’ve ever made like this! I make some for my art classes sometimes, but I’m rarely visible in them. So this was nerve-racking, but fun.

If you know how to sew pretty well already, there’s a lot of stuff you can skip in this video, but I wanted to give some tips to help the process along if someone who’s new to sewing wants to try this! And like I say in the vid, if you try it or are going to try it soon, TELL ME!!! I would love to hear from you!

I was also going to put another tutorial up today on how to make these ADORABLE Kate Spade-esque gloves, but I ran out of time! They are done and I have the video, but I need to edit it down so you don’t get super bored watching me sew! 🙂

Have a great Thursday!!! IT’s ALMOST FRIDAY!!!