How to Style a Chanel Inspired Jacket

Don’t you just love a good Chanel-inspired tweed jacket like this? It’s classic and powerful, without being too masculine. I wanted an old school vibe so i kept my accessories simple, but stylistically iconic.speaking of style icons, this neck bow is from my grandmother’s collection of bandanas, bows, and ties. I love wearing it with button downs to add a character to an outfit. this photo was taken at a little place called the Blue Egg Bakery where they make doughnuts as big as my head. In case you’re interested, I found a history of the House of Chanel from Harper’s Bazaar and will link it below; but first, this lovely image plucked from the article. This is a model in a lovely version of the tweedy classic. The Harper’s Bazaar article is here. Another jacket more like the one I scored for $28 is below. This image shows Chanel fitting an actress for a jacket in the 1960s.Fun fact: I started collecting vintage Harper’s Bazaar issues from garage sales and antique stores while in high school, but donated most of them when moving out for college. Now I wish I still had them!! Whoops!
What have you gotten rid of that you wish you had kept?

if a t-shirt could talk…

it's ok guacamole, im extra too tee shirt amazing

This shirt is from Rose Gold Rebel on Etsy, it is SO SOFT, I highly recommend. Necklace was a gift from one of my lovely sis-in-laws and I had to include it because it’s a rose gold choker, of course! See another cute rosegold flower choker (from J.C. Penny here)


… what would yours say about you? Would yours tell of your funny humor like this shirt, fun with your family and friends, or would it tell of your struggles with loneliness and anxiety? How about all of the above? What do you want it to say about you?

On Monday night as Beckett and I loathed having to go back to school we both were on our phones and I discovered photos and videos from when I lived in Sweden on my phone. After being initially annoyed that somehow Apple transferred those pics without my knowledge, we were happy to reminisce.

We laughed so hard we cried as we watched videos Beckett sent me that I had saved on my phone. In most of the videos he was doing something silly and saying outrageous things to make me laugh because he knew I was lonely over there. Now that’s a good boyfriend! In contrast, all of my videos were pretty serious and/or me being sad I wasn’t with Beckett. Now I look back and laugh because I was so scared being there alone wondering if everything would turn out like we wanted in our relationship. I’m thankful everything did work out and we got married when I moved back to the USA, but I look back and wish I had been happier to be in the stage of life that I was in. 

You’re probably bored by now, but I want to leave you with the encouragement to seize the day and have fun even if your five year plan needs to be extended a little bit longer. I’ll do the same today and we can compare notes at the end of the day. I think I may try doing an Insta Story about how my day felt as I tried to live joyfully even though I feel like I’m in a rut lately.

I wish I could post one of Beckett’s funny videos on here, but I think he would kill me… part of me is considering it anyway because at least I would die knowing I made you laugh!!! 😛 haha

P.S. I gave this shirt (in peach) to my sis-in-law for Christmas and she said she got tons of compliments on it. I mean, how cute is it?! Amiright?



balancing life, family and social media presence

blogger on a snow day outfit to wear in the winter outift idea
“You’ve really been spending a lot of time on your phone lately,” Beckett mentioned as he mixed up Wolfie’s antibiotics and cleaned up the dishes after breakfast. I was taking a little “mommy break” because I had been up since 6AM with our boy and I let Beckett sleep in. I felt like he had no right to say anything about it because he got to sleep 3 more hours than I. But I held my tongue just long enough to realize he was right. I didn’t tell Beckett this, but at that moment I felt shame, not because he tried to guilt me, but because I feel really strongly about this topic.
When I first became a mom I was so adamant that whenever Wolfie was awake I would not spent time on social media. But lately it seems like all of my quick phone checks turn into 20 minutes of browsing Instagram, watching YouTube hair tutorials, or writing copy for an upcoming post. As I sit here and think about this, it seems crazy to me that we  go to work and can ignore our phones because we take our jobs seriously. We so readily realize that our adult jobs are more important than what’s happening on Snapchat or in our latest game, but then we go home and sit on the couch or in bed and think that is a good time to disconnect from reality and focus on virtual reality.
drinking coffee in the minnesota snowy winter
I realized early on in my son’s life that if I wanted to raise my son to be a smart, secure, well-loved boy I needed to cut way back on the time I spent on social media. Even in the womb I tried to hold my phone away from my belly and to limit my time spent using technology. I made it my rule that I could only work on my blog or Instagram while W. slept. I never wanted my son to be able to say that I care more about what’s on my phone than about him.
However, as Beckett pointed out, lately I slipped back into the rut of checking my phone all day, stopping everything to answer comments or emails. I know it sounds cliche when pastors say marriage is there to refine you and make you a better person, but it is totally true for me. Beckett is such a great leader for our family in that he’s not afraid to (usually) sweetly help me in an area in which I struggle. And as upset as I felt at first when he made the comment about how much time I was spending on my phone, I knew he was just trying to help me to be fully present with him and Wolfie for their sakes– and for mine.
snow day outift for a coffee date
You don’t have to be married or be a parent to benefit from being intentional about your screen time exposure. Being a parent or spouse amplifies issues of the heart and mind, but those things are still important no matter what season of life you live in. Things that you never thought twice about as a single person suddenly become huge areas of concern for you. It’s crazy how having a family puts everything into perspective. So if you’re single or not a parent yet you may not need to limit your screen time because of a little one, but maybe you want to start limiting it so that you can better engage with those around you. Then you can start making steps toward a more productive, meaningful future with the family you will have some day.
I don’t to miss the precious moments with my tribe. Beckett, Wolfie, and I will never be 28, 27, and 1.5 years old again. We will never have the exact same joys and struggles as we do right now. Wolfie will never learn to say his first 100 words again. Beckett will never be as helpful in the kitchen as he was the other day again. haha, jk I hope I’m wrong about that! 😉
red merlot otk over the knee boots
If we’re not present in life’s seemingly mundane moments, we will miss the true beauty in life. We will become discontented and disillusioned.
So I want to come to you readers today and say, I’m not perfect, but this is an area in which I struggle and I bet I’m not alone. So let’s work on it together. Let’s grow and improve our friendships, relationships, marriages, and families together.
I think I’ll start by limiting my social media time to during my lunch break and after my son goes to sleep at night. What guidelines do you need to put in place to give you a stronger, more intentional future?

how to rock winter whites in January!

It’s after Christmas and you’re feeling spring, but it’s not yet time to break out the pastels and whites so what do you do? Well, I put together this outfit to show you how to wear white in a cold month like January.
I have to admit this outfit was one of my most complimented lately and I I felt like quite the fashionista in it.

How to wear winter white in 2018:

1. White pants

My favorite way to wear an all-white outfit is by starting with my favorite brand of jeans: American Eagle! Their white stretch denim is amazing (as are all of their denim jeggings). For the jeggings I usually go a size down, but I like to stay true to size for the jeans.

2. Wear it with a leopard/cheetah printed bootie

These calf-hair ankle booties are the perfect way to assert your personal style in a timeless way. They don’t really go in or out of style!
For example, a coworker of mine came to work in an animal print coat yesterday and I would have 100% thought it was brand new and designer, but she said she got it 7 years ago. The crazy thing was that it looked almost exactly like a coat I saw by Cupcakes and Cashmere at Nordstrom!

3. A cozy plaid scarf, coordinating gloves & a fun beret

The scarf doesn’t have to be worn all day, but it sure is festive and adds a pop of color to keep you from blending into the snow when you venture outside.
You may have noticed from the link above that I didn’t link my exact pair of gloves are sold out, but Target still has the gorgeous dark brown color in stock and they are also real sheepskin!
My hat was from Nordstrom Rack and is sold out, but I am linking a comp by Ralph Lauren that even has a metal logo sewn on like mine does. I really adore my beret because it makes me feel like an artist. 🙂

4. An off-white sweater

I adore the sweater I’m wearing in this picture because it looks like it would be a nice expensive sweater, but it’s from Target. It has lantern sleeves (a very classic, but also trending look). It’s a little off white so it doesn’t blend into my pants. Above I linked a similar sweater by Romwe since Target no longer has the exact sweater.
Well, those are my 4 main tips on wearing white in the wintertime. What did you think!?!What’s your favorite way to wear white before Labor Day?