what the sad ending of kate spade’s life can teach us

The branding of Kate Spade’s bright colors and fun prints has been synonymous with happiness and fun. I remember getting my first Kate Spade accessory (a fedora) back in 2011 and it always made me feel like I was bound to have a special day just by wearing that hat. That’s the power fashion and looking nice can have on a girl. It can make her feel special and beautiful when all else fails. But is it enough?
Not by a long shot.
Today I heard the news about Kate Spade’s devastated end and it broke my heart. Though her death is still subject to investigation, it pains me to think she may have experienced depression and sorrow that led her to her end. Hers was a life still so full of potential, creativity, and — yes– the potential for hope.
But here’s the thing: looking cute and ‘having it all’ will never satisfy us. Our souls are meant for more than pretty things and having an Instagram- (or Pinterest) worthy life. We were created to serve a purpose, to serve God, and to realize that our place in this world is to love others, serve the needy, and fear God.
There’s more to happiness though. Sometimes mental health isn’t about making ourselves happy. Sometimes mental health problems are chemical or mineral and need to be dealt with accordingly. Sometimes we need to talk to someone we trust or to find a medication that helps us. And when that still doesn’t feel like enough? God is there. He will get you through. He won’t let you experience more than you can bear.
You know, the Bible says that Jesus — yup, the one who you think of as always smiling and saying, “let the little children come” — was tempted by every single thing we humans are tempted by. Do you know what that means? I’m pretty sure it means he also experienced the trial of what we nowadays call depression. But did it prevail? No! He still knew He had a purpose and that He had to accomplish the goals God set out for him to do.
“He’s Jesus,” you say. “That means he already knew his purpose… so it would have been easier for him to go on through depression.” But if that were the case, don’t you think he would have taken the easier way out and chosen to die a less horrific way than being slowly tortured and murdered?
If you don’t know how to have a life-changing relationship with God, I encourage you to watch this video from my college pastor at Hope Community Church here in Minneapolis. It explains a little of what we know about God from the Bible. Then go find a pastor or friend who actually believes in Jesus as Lord and Savior, and get connected with a church. God wants to work in your life today, to give you a hope and a future. Even through depression, failure, anxiety, or sadness.
As you go about your day, please keep in mind that the individual next to you at the mall, grocery store, workplace, sidewalk, or bedroom may be hurting with more intensity than you will ever know. So take a moment to pay attention to them, to love them, to treat them like the precious fellow human that they are. Human life is precious and fleeting so don’t let another one waste away without giving them love; even tough love when needed.
In love,
Kellie Witzke
Please say a prayer for her friends and family — notably her young daughter, Frances Beatrix Spade — who will be most horribly affected. For now, Kate Spade’s namesake company will live on under the Tapestry/Coach company, the fate of Frances Valentine, her current fashion label is unknown.

My first Kate Spade accessory, a hat.

I’ve been keeping a secret for a few months… also, you won’t believe how soft this $8.50 tee is!

Top: old navy | pants: TJ Maxx $20, not exact, but look similar | watch: timex – I’ve had mine for a year and wear it often!| bracelets: I’m linking a SUPER pretty alternative! Check it out below too! | hair extensions: barefoot blonde hair in Brownstone | bag: vintage Louis Vuitton | necklace: gold with layers
I’m currently laying in bed, writing this post, and watching the latest Bachelorette. So if there are typos or I actually write the word, “Becca” or “Minnesota,” don’t mind me. 🙂 So far I can’t tell why girls keep complaining about this season because it seems good, but we shall see if it holds my attention in the next few weeks.
This morning I told Beckett that I accidentally looked cuter than I thought I would and therefore needed him to take these pictures- haha! I may have seen him roll his eyes. But for real, the braids got quite a few compliments today because they were so fun!
When planning this post, I mainly wanted to show you this comfy shirt, but I also thought I should reveal my good-hair-day secret and tell you about my Barefoot Blonde Hair extensions. I feel like I can speak to them now that I’ve been wearing them nonstop for a few months.
This isn’t a paid post so you can be sure that I have no special interest in giving these extensions a good review. But I can’t not give them a good review! They are silky, remy hair (all shafts going in the same direction), that is a fine consistency and a great length. However, I think the main attraction to the Barefoot Blonde extensions is that the clips are super great quality and they have an at home try on service (seriously a genius idea b/c I wouldn’t have guessed that ‘Brownstone’ was my color by a website!!). Oh, and the other great thing about this line is that they now come in ‘seamless’ wefts, which are said to feel lighter and look even more flawless.
Seamless is a little more expensive than the traditional kind I got, but now the kind I have is sold out. But I would definitely get the seamless if I were ordering again today.
Have I mentioned how soft the shirt pictured is?! It’s seriously heavenly! And I’m not kidding, I want to find that same material at Joann’s and make a baby blanket out of it! 🙂 Maybe I could line a baby blanket with it!
Ps-here’s a pic of the bracelet I linked and it’s just $18!

a classic striped tee for how much?!

Hello Hump Day!!!
Beckett and I are dying to start our summer over here!!! What about you?! Being a teacher is all sunshine and butterflies once you actually get out of school, but some districts **cough, cough, ours** seem to think summer is overrated. I remember a day when school got out right before Memorial Day and started after Labor Day, with a nice healthy Christmas and Easter breaks strewn in between. Not anymore!
Also, let me give you non-teachers a crash course in how a teacher’s pay works because when I talk to people I always hear the same confused statements about how nice it is to get paid in the summer to do nothing. Teachers do not get paid in the summer to do nothing. We are seasonal workers who often choose to divide our paychecks by 12 instead of by 10.
Anyhoo, now that we have that cleared up I wanted to share some of my teacher-budget friendly tops I recently found at Old Navy!
Here’s a link to the top I’m wearing in the photo above: it’s just $6.50 in stores, but online it’s 8.50. Still, a great deal!!! Also, it comes in tons of different colors and I really want the green too!!!!
I also got this top in a lilac color and it’s so so so soft!!!! It’s another $8.50 wonder of the world so shoo away! I think this top will be my new pregnancy bff so stay tuned because I’m sure I’ll post about it later this week.
If you’re interested I also wanted to share this tie top with you too because it is the perfect way to put a twist on everyday summer style. It’s a steal at $11.50. I would have gotten this too if it had looked good with the bump.
Did you like any of these options? Let me know below!

why I almost didn’t post this picture and what we can learn from it.

Tonight I almost didn’t post this photo on here or on Instagram over a few shadows on my left leg. I didn’t want you to see that my legs are bumpy or that my hips are wide or that my belly is a lot bigger than it was last time I was 5 months pregnant.
And then I stopped to consciously correct myself on how I was thinking and remind myself that what matters is keeping in good health and being the best me that I can be instead of wishing I could look a different way.
I guess I’m sharing this because I wanted to encourage you if you’re going through something similar. Maybe you’re not pregnant, but it doesn’t matter. God doesn’t need you to be cellulite free, He just wants you to be loving, kind, and to fight for truth and justice.
So tonight please take a minute to take those areas in your life that you beat yourself up over and hand them over to the One who made you and who loves you just as you are.

Top: similar maternity here and regular size (with super cool sleeves) here| sunnies: Nordstrom (these are just $14 and I highly recommend them) | Belt: Hermès dupe again | shorts: target maternity, and a non maternity version here too | sandals: I couldn’t find anything super similar so I wanted to show you a pair that I would order if I needed a pair of cute flip flops… they are leopard print and so classic!| bag: similar concept from Sole Society that’s under $70!
I hope this post has helped you think about how to accept your dimples, pimples, and and quirks so you can better love yourself. Be your best you <3