what your mother never told you about EYESHADOW  

I recently discovered that basically every eyeshadow gets better with… water! 💦 How I never realized this before is beyond me. Most palettes even look like watercolor palettes! 💁🏻 
 I started mixing the color with water every time I wear eyeshadow and it goes on better and eliminated that nasty under eye cleanup. Genius! 
One of my college friends always had the coolest eyeshadow — colors that magically faded into another color and then somehow also matched her outfits. I always admired her talent, but didn’t even try to attempt anything special until earlier this year after Wolfie was born. 
Becoming a mom meant that I slept less than I did in college and I was feeling really icky with such dark shadows under my eyes. Then one day I thought it might help distract from the ugly effects of no sleep to add shadow above too (lol). So I learned enough to get by with a smoky eye every now and then. 
Fast forward to about a month ago, I read about mixing water with the eyeshadow in a mag (probably instyle) so I tried it and it’s a total game changer! The colors are easily intensified or muted, you can mix them if you want, and (like I said) it’s a lot less messy!
Have you tried this before?!