How I Do My Eyeliner

Hey gals! I always get asked how I do my eyeliner or what liner I use so I’m showing you in this video how I do it every. single. day!

a few of my favorite things: more inexpensive stocking stuffer ideas for her


Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara. Outfit details will be at the bottom of the post.

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to show you some of my favorite beauty products that I have in my vanity that will forever be in my skincare/makeup routine. I honestly think everyone needs these things.

To begin, I HAVE to tell you about the Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara I’ve been using on and off since high school. It’s a little more expensive than some drugstore mascara ($18), but it’s definitely worth it, especially since the tube is HUGE compared with other mascaras so you’re getting your $$ worth in volume too.

The reason I said I use this on and off is that I like to try new things when my old makeup runs out, but this mascara will always be my favorite and I’m for sure going to stick with this brand now because I think I’ve tried enough mascara now to be sure my MK Lash Intensity is the one

Mary Kay has other great products too and I adore their lipstick line. So go check that out now! If you order with this link you’ll be ordering through a super sweet old friend of mine named Shanna. She’s the sweetest girl, a loyal friend, and a great wife and mommy! You’ll love her! And again, I am not getting paid or rewarded for this in any way, I just really love their mascara. 🙂

Another makeup brand that I’m a little obsessed with is YSL, but really I just love their lipstick! It is so soothing, moisturizing, and smells amazing! If you’ve never picked some up, check it out here and grab a few for you and as stocking stuffers for the gal pals in your life. How can you go wrong with a lipstick that guarantees to moisturize your lips? There’s nothing worse than drugstore lipstick that dries out your lips…. then you’re buying more chapstick… so really, you’re saving money by getting a quality lipstick like YSL. 😉

I personally like the color in Rose Sahararienne (and asked for it for Christmas), but literally any of them would be amazing on any of us!

This Conair True Glow Cleaning Skin Beauty Treatment is something I’ve been using for almost a year now and I still recommend it. It uses little movements to loosen and brush out dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria in the pores that cause zits and blackheads. It always leaves my skin looking and feeling radiant. The other thing it does that I like is that it makes my pores less noticeable by cleaning them out. If you look in the mirror really close you’ll probably notice tons of blackheads that you didn’t even know you had and this helps clear those right up.

I like to use this right after a shower (or sometimes while I’m taking a bath) so the steam helps to open up my pores, but they also make a facial steamer that’s just $25.

The reason I recommend this Conair cleansing treatment above other brands is that I own it, it’s more cost effective than the Clairisonic brand, and it works wonders on my skin! I actually have two of these, one is for facials and the other to get rid of dead skin on your feet and I use them both often.


This is an old palette from UIta, but I found a similar one by Makeup Revolution here.

It’s funny– I never used to wear eyeshadow until I realized I could apply it like watercolor! Why? Because I was always annoyed with the “fall” from the eyeshadow and if you get your brush a little wet, you avoid that all together! See a tutorial here.


Here’s a closeup of the facial tool from Conair.

Shirt: Make Me Chic, sold out, but they have TONS of other cute + inexpensive styles | Jeans: American Eagle

Well, that’s all I have for you, but be sure to check out the links and see what you think! But seriously, give these to the girls on your list and they will be thrilled!!!!



Sadly, nothing in this post was sponsored, but as always all thoughts and opinions are def. my own! 😉

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what your mother never told you about EYESHADOW  

I recently discovered that basically every eyeshadow gets better with… water! 💦 How I never realized this before is beyond me. Most palettes even look like watercolor palettes! 💁🏻 
 I started mixing the color with water every time I wear eyeshadow and it goes on better and eliminated that nasty under eye cleanup. Genius! 
One of my college friends always had the coolest eyeshadow — colors that magically faded into another color and then somehow also matched her outfits. I always admired her talent, but didn’t even try to attempt anything special until earlier this year after Wolfie was born. 
Becoming a mom meant that I slept less than I did in college and I was feeling really icky with such dark shadows under my eyes. Then one day I thought it might help distract from the ugly effects of no sleep to add shadow above too (lol). So I learned enough to get by with a smoky eye every now and then. 
Fast forward to about a month ago, I read about mixing water with the eyeshadow in a mag (probably instyle) so I tried it and it’s a total game changer! The colors are easily intensified or muted, you can mix them if you want, and (like I said) it’s a lot less messy!
Have you tried this before?!