Mom-Friendly Faves and New Posting Schedule

up close of boohoo shirt
top: boohoo maternity lace cold shoulder | shorts: Walmart |  shoes: gold espadrilles ($25) | sunglasses: Prada (mine are from sunglasses hut outlet, but these are similar) | bag: Michael Kors tote 
boohoo shirt with shoes 2
Hello beauties! Tonight I wanted to share some of my mom-friendly outfit staples that have gotten me through the last few weeks of pregnancy. I’m now in my 8th month, have poor balance, am constantly hot, and feel like I can barely walk across the room so I absolutely NEED comfy clothes and practical shoes.
If you’re like me, the problem is, we don’t like practical looking anything! Thus, I searched high and low for some cute shoe options to wear & to show you gals! I know that some of you are thinking platforms = not practical, but for a heel-loving gal, these babies are the bee’s knees! Not only can I still chase my toddler in them, but I can also still balance myself with my giant prego belly. 😉 I haven’t even told you the best part about them– they are on sale for 1/2 off @ $25 right now!
up close of espadrilles
The top and shorts are also very comfortable, but still stylish enough that I don’t feel like a complete fashion failure.
If you like the idea of the top I’m wearing, but you aren’t pregnant, I recommend trying a top with a cut more like this or this.  I love the prices of both and the cuts look like they would be very flattering on a few different body types.
The shorts are something RANDOM Beckett and I found at Walmart a few weeks ago. I actually have them in white and camo and I think every girl needs a pair for lazy/errand days when you want to feel like you’re in athletic wear, but still want to look slightly pulled together. They are $9 and STRETCH like crazy so I will be sporting these from now until after Baby Girl Witzke is born because they will fit me no matter what. I anticipate they will fit me next summer too, but we shall see.
boohoo shirt with shoesup close of sunglasses and top
About the posting schedule update:
The meal plans have been really fun, and I may continue them at a later date, but as of right now I need to figure out how to rework the format so it’s easier to read and follow. I also feel like there’s a limited number of those posts I want to do because I kinda like to have meals on rotation every month so if I were just doing this with my own family and not sharing it with you, I would keep rotating through the meal plans and recipes I already made.
So, for now, I am going to start using my Monday post to link to my latest artwork so you guys can see what I’m up to other than my tutorials on Wednesdays. I am also considering doing something different for Thursdays, but for now I will continue posting beauty or fashion-related vids for that.
Beckett’s really excited to start posting on Fridays again and he’s already getting his post for this week ready. As a sneak peek, I will tell you that we recently switched cell phone providers. Come back Friday to hear about our phone fiasco and why we put ourselves through it.
5 x Weekly Posting Schedule:
Monday: art listings and updates
Tuesday: my favorite fashion-related finds
Wednesday: Art tutorial vid
Thursday: Beauty or fashion related video
Friday: Finances for dummies (aka, us)

Art Lately…

Hello friends,
I keep saying this, but I have always loved babies. I don’t know if it’s innate in me or because of being the built in babysitter since I was the oldest daughter out of 7 kids, but I love babies.
Awhile back my sis-in-law broke the joyful news to us that they are expecting! We are so overjoyed for them as we watch them become parents because theirs has been a long journey! It’s not my story to tell, but I will say that seeing bits and pieces of their IVF process opened my eyes a lot to issues of infertility and the grief inevitably associated with it.
I don’t want to pretend that I understand what couples facing infertility face, but I do see it better now than before and the knowledge makes me want to help every mama who is struggling to get pregnant or celebrating a pregnancy to find an extra spark in the journey. So I have a soft spot for these embryo paintings.
That’s why the focus of my work took a turn toward the unborn and newborns and I cannot believe that I’ve been blessed to paint so many beautiful babies/embryos since doing the first one for my sis- & bro-in-law!
Below are a few ultrasounds, embryos, and other nursery art I’ve had the honor of painting since doing my first painting for my sis-in-law! Thanks, sis, for the shoutout that got all of this started!
Oh, and yes, I threw a few other paintings I’ve been working through in the mix too in case you’re wondering…

If you would like your own painting, email me at and I’ll show you my pricing and options! Otherwise, I do have some work on my ever-evolving Etsy page, linked here.
I have recently started using a range of metallic materials that will bring the price down if you’re looking to save some money, but you’ll also have the incredible option of having 24k gold leaf or pure silver leaf too!
Let me know if you’re interested!

Bubble Braid Updo Tutorial

Hair Tutorial:

Guys, since I’ve been having the most difficult time downloading my painting tutorial today, I’m sharing my hair tutorial instead! The painting tutorial is still coming tomorrow, but it’s not quite ready 🙂
This hairstyle has been great in all of this MN rain, wind, and humidity because it’s a little messy by nature!

Correction and Update on W’s Ultrasound:

In case you saw my instagram post this AM, I wanted to clarify something and thankfully admit that I remembered something wrong from when Wolfgang was first diagnosed with his genetic thing this past year… gosh, I feel like the Fake News media, getting facts wrong here. So sorry! :/
First, I want to say that as a protective mom and a natural-born worrier, I have been trying to hold onto my son’s health and pretend it’s something I can fix or control, but lately I’ve been working really hard on giving that anxiety to God because I’ve been only hurting myself when I worry that much. I encourage you– if you’re holding on to something (anything) that you need to let go of and let God handle– please go on this journey with me. Let’s bring those issues to Him and ask Him to care for those problems instead of you. We weren’t made to shoulder such burdens alone.
So, back to Wolfgang… this past fall he was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that increases his chance of getting childhood cancer due to abnormal cell division. I mistakenly said in my post that kids with that diagnosis have a 90% cancer risk, but THANK GOD I was wrong. His chance is actually somewhere between 10-20%, depending on which study you want to reference. That makes him 6x more likely than the average kid to get cancer… but– again– I’m just thankful my memory was wrong!
The reason I mentioned the information above in my post is that Wolfgang has monitoring every 3 months to check for tumors and his appointment was this morning. The way they check him is by taking blood labs and an ultrasound of his abdomen. (We used to take him in every 6 weeks for labs and then every 3 months for the ultrasound, but our geneticist said new research showed no benefit of staggering the blood and ultrasound work). ANYWAY, shortly after his last ultrasound, I noticed a bump on his collarbone. The doctor wanted to check it for growth before doing testing so we waited. But over the last 4-6 months it has gotten quite a bit bigger and it really started to worry us.
Thankfully, the ultrasound technician had positive words for us today as we wait for the actual results from the doctor. The tech knew we were worried so she popped into the radiologist’s office quick to see if the images were good and to see what he thought. When she returned, she said from the initial look, everything looked good and that the hard growth on the collarbone had limited blood flow (good I guess) and that it looked like it could be a swollen lymph node since we had told her Wolfgang had been sick a lot this past winter.
Having a swollen lymph node for that many months still concerns me, but I’m glad to hear it doesn’t look like a tumor! AND I’m glad to have gotten my stats wrong because that gives my little boy a much brighter future!
Regardless of the percentages, please pray for our son as he continues this monitoring (it will continue until he’s either 6 or 7 years old, from what we have heard from our geneticist).
I will keep you updated once we hear back from the pediatrician or geneticist on the results.

wedding maxi

maxi dress front
Hello, loves & thanks for joining me today!
My cousin got married this last weekend and here are some pictures we took down by the lake during some downtime after the reception dinner. maxi dress from behind
I think five girls complimented me on this dress so I’ll link the exact dress (from Old Navy) and this same dress in gingham! The shoes are Rebecca Minkoff from 2 summers ago, but I found a similar pair by Cole Haan (with an adorable bow) for $66!
Oh, and I forgot to mention, the dress is $36-44! pregnancy photoshoot in maxi dresswolfie and mefsaz

family photo at evelyn's wedding full length
My cousin, Spencer, took this family photo for us– thank you Spencer! Also, can you see Beckett’s shirt? It was from the Nintendo/Bloomingdales collaboration this spring! Wolfie was super excited about Beckett’s shirt because he kept saying they matched 🙂
Speaking of shirts… a funny thing happened at Walmart last week while getting our groceries. Wolfe is obsessed with pointing out things that are orange lately so while by the milk, he suddenly started hysterically pointing, yelling and giggling about something orange. I kinda ignored him at first because I thought he was begging for orange juice. Suddenly I realized he was saying something about a “Duuuuuttttt oooonnnngggg!!!!” (Shirt orange) and pointing back and forth from his shirt to the orange juice section.
It turns out there was a [rather large]  guy getting orange juice… & his shirt PERFECTLY matched the juice!
We all had to stop and giggle, partly at the sight of the man who matched the orange juice, but also at Wolfie who thought it was SOOOOO funny!
Have you ever had a kid tell you something you couldn’t understand at first and then realized it was really cute/funny?