Orchard Adventure

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Hi Friends! We are 38.5 weeks pregnant and we’re feeling so ready to meet baby girl! So I figured I should post this before we have her!
A few weeks ago Wolfgang and I went to Minnetonka Orchards with Terrri Yang from www.plainandsmall.com and her adorable youngest son. We had an absolute blast, especially Wolfie and I discovered he LOVES apples. He usually doesn’t care to give a huge effort at trying new fruits and veggies, but I guess being surrounded by juicy, sweet apples was enough to push him over the edge! 😛
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I am considering going back to the orchard to sell my art at one of their weekend events in October. Would you buy art at an orchard? Here’s a painting I made based on a picture I took at the orchard!


Splurge vs. Steal Pink Blazer!

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Hello again, Loves! Today I get to share this gorgeous pink blazer with you! I’ve been looking forward to being able to post this for about a week now because I’m so excited to wear this blazer more when it’s not so tight and I’m not a super prego lady! haha


Blazers of all kinds have been my bread and butter of my work attire for ages! I remember getting a navy blazer toward the end of college and I think I wore it 50 times the summer I graduated. I wore it to every job interview and all the time when I worked as an administrative graduate assistant. I wore that thing out, actually, and then bought another that was more of a fleece-y sweatshirt material. I liked that it was more casual and sporty. So when I saw some pink blazers this spring, I was beyond excited, but they were all expensive or weirdly cut!

How & When to Wear It

This Shein blazer is just $25 and it has a cute cut that will work from spring to summer to fall, and even through winter when paired with a lightweight sweater underneath! The color in the pictures I took seems lighter than what it is in real life so I apologize for that. In real life it looks more like it does in the picture linked above.

Comparable, but Expensive

To show you what I mean about the other similar blazers that are very expensive, I will link a version from J. Crew and one from Revolve so you can see how they compare! The color of my blazer from Shein is almost a mix between the versions at J. Crew & Revolve.
pink blazer side view budget finds for teachers and women who work.jpg
walking away in a pink blazer.jpgpink blazer for under $20.jpg


The blazer is size medium, I wish I had gotten a large so I could wear it more comfortably now, but it will fit perfectly a few months postpartum. When ordering, keep in mind I’m usually a size large right now so it runs a bit big, but I think it’s supposed to be worn a bit oversized.
This post is brought to you in partnership with Shein; all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Bubble Braid Updo Tutorial

Hair Tutorial:

Guys, since I’ve been having the most difficult time downloading my painting tutorial today, I’m sharing my hair tutorial instead! The painting tutorial is still coming tomorrow, but it’s not quite ready 🙂
This hairstyle has been great in all of this MN rain, wind, and humidity because it’s a little messy by nature!

Correction and Update on W’s Ultrasound:

In case you saw my instagram post this AM, I wanted to clarify something and thankfully admit that I remembered something wrong from when Wolfgang was first diagnosed with his genetic thing this past year… gosh, I feel like the Fake News media, getting facts wrong here. So sorry! :/
First, I want to say that as a protective mom and a natural-born worrier, I have been trying to hold onto my son’s health and pretend it’s something I can fix or control, but lately I’ve been working really hard on giving that anxiety to God because I’ve been only hurting myself when I worry that much. I encourage you– if you’re holding on to something (anything) that you need to let go of and let God handle– please go on this journey with me. Let’s bring those issues to Him and ask Him to care for those problems instead of you. We weren’t made to shoulder such burdens alone.
So, back to Wolfgang… this past fall he was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that increases his chance of getting childhood cancer due to abnormal cell division. I mistakenly said in my post that kids with that diagnosis have a 90% cancer risk, but THANK GOD I was wrong. His chance is actually somewhere between 10-20%, depending on which study you want to reference. That makes him 6x more likely than the average kid to get cancer… but– again– I’m just thankful my memory was wrong!
The reason I mentioned the information above in my post is that Wolfgang has monitoring every 3 months to check for tumors and his appointment was this morning. The way they check him is by taking blood labs and an ultrasound of his abdomen. (We used to take him in every 6 weeks for labs and then every 3 months for the ultrasound, but our geneticist said new research showed no benefit of staggering the blood and ultrasound work). ANYWAY, shortly after his last ultrasound, I noticed a bump on his collarbone. The doctor wanted to check it for growth before doing testing so we waited. But over the last 4-6 months it has gotten quite a bit bigger and it really started to worry us.
Thankfully, the ultrasound technician had positive words for us today as we wait for the actual results from the doctor. The tech knew we were worried so she popped into the radiologist’s office quick to see if the images were good and to see what he thought. When she returned, she said from the initial look, everything looked good and that the hard growth on the collarbone had limited blood flow (good I guess) and that it looked like it could be a swollen lymph node since we had told her Wolfgang had been sick a lot this past winter.
Having a swollen lymph node for that many months still concerns me, but I’m glad to hear it doesn’t look like a tumor! AND I’m glad to have gotten my stats wrong because that gives my little boy a much brighter future!
Regardless of the percentages, please pray for our son as he continues this monitoring (it will continue until he’s either 6 or 7 years old, from what we have heard from our geneticist).
I will keep you updated once we hear back from the pediatrician or geneticist on the results.