Orchard Adventure

orchard 7
Hi Friends! We are 38.5 weeks pregnant and we’re feeling so ready to meet baby girl! So I figured I should post this before we have her!
A few weeks ago Wolfgang and I went to Minnetonka Orchards with Terrri Yang from www.plainandsmall.com and her adorable youngest son. We had an absolute blast, especially Wolfie and I discovered he LOVES apples. He usually doesn’t care to give a huge effort at trying new fruits and veggies, but I guess being surrounded by juicy, sweet apples was enough to push him over the edge! 😛
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I am considering going back to the orchard to sell my art at one of their weekend events in October. Would you buy art at an orchard? Here’s a painting I made based on a picture I took at the orchard!


Day Date'n in Stillwater, MN

Have you been to Stillwater for a date day lately? Even if you’re single, it’s a great place to go with friends to take in the fun shops, beautiful river, and good food!
Our favorite places to go are: Mai Little Cakes, The Lowell Inn, Mara Mi Studio, and the old sawmill antique shop. If you’ve been there, what are your favorite spots?

Beckett and me in stillwater minnesota

Between antiquing, we sat by the river while it sprinkled and had a grand old time!

Beckett was going to surprise me with a date day to Stillwater once school was out, but he ended up telling me about it because he knows surprises stress me out. Am I the only one? lol
It ended up being the perfect day since we don’t mind the rain!
We were sad to not stop by the Lowell Inn this time, it’s where we had our wedding reception and we love it there. The food and atmosphere are incredible, but we were feeling a little casual so, instead, we opted for a more casual dinner at The Mad Capper… good food, fun decorations, very masculine.
Beckett in stillwater mn before having to carry the frame

Isn’t he cute?! We decided this could be his literary photo for when he gets a book published 🙂

After dinner we hit the antique shops just for fun. We ended up finding a very blue picture frame that caught my eye and a gorgeous mirror for our daughter’s nursery. Then we popped into Mai Little Cakes– only the best bake and bubble tea place ever!
kellie in mai little cakes stillwater mn

Another shot of the ever-cute Mai Little Cakes <3

Shoes: Sam Edelman platform espadrilles from last fall. I wear them all the time. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, they are some of the most comfy shoes I own. | Dress: old navy, similar casual white dress from Asos that can be worn for maternity or non | Jacket: Old by Rachel Roy. Similar white bomber by Romwe, (check sizing and consider sizing up). | Earrings: sold out from Charming Charlie, similar look, but with tassels, which means they’ll be lighter! | Handbag is LV from The Real Real. Here’s a similarly priced find from Versatile Collective.
by the river in stillwater mn fashion and lifestyle blogger


Of course we had to sit by the water awhile too. It was a gloomy, rainy day, but we sat and took it all in anyway. What a perfect day!
stillwater hudson river minnesota water

the river!

Before I go, have you tried Real Recipes for the Real Girl? The free printable meal plan and grocery list is all you need to keep your budget on track and your tummy satisfied! If you haven’t seen it, check it out here now! It already helped Beckett and I resist going to Subway for lunch (saving us $14+)!

Mood Swings


Its no secret that Minnesota has unpredictable weather. One day you’re sweating it out in shorts and a t-shirt, the air conditioner’s on full blast, and the sun is relentless. The next day, you wakeup, pull on that favorite knit sweater, bust out the fuzzy socks, and consider turning on the heat. And it’s not even October yet!

Such weather also necessitates attempting Barefoot Blonde braids to keep those nasty frizzies under wraps.

To combat these crazy weather mood swings from last week, Wolfgang and I cuddled up in cozy sweaters, socks, and comfy pants! Yeah, my pants look like jeans, but they feel like sweatpants because they are pull-ons –that’s right, just like Wolfie’s ;). They arent those cheaply made, thin jeggings you see on infomercials either. They are a strong blend of polyester, cotton, and spandex that holds its shape well. I got this pair in Philadelphia over a year ago and they even got me through most of my pregnancy! They started to not fit in the seventh month though. I love them so much and was afraid I stretched them out when I was pregnant, but they still fit perfect. And they’ll still fit when I lose the rest of the pregnancy weight too!

Ok, full outfit details below!

Sweater: Cardi is from Banana Republic, but is out of stock, so here’s a similar one from TJ MaXx and a style I’ve loved for years from Nordstrom and a similarly cut sweater you can get at Khols (all under $25)!!!!!!!!
Tunic: This Old Navy tunic is amazingly comfy, flattering, and I like the side slit detail (under $17).
Jeans: Jag Jeans and I can’t resist linking this khaki green pair too. Look at how cute they are!

Boots: Hunters in matte black, but I’m dying over this floral pattern and you can’t beat a classic green or deep red!

P.s. I found my jeans on sale for $19, but the regular price doesn’t seem so bad to me since I know how much wear I’m getting out of them. However, I found them for nearly that price again at Nordstrom Rack, but they are black skinny jeans instead of the classic blue. I really like black skinnies though because they can sophisticate a look without being actually dressy.

Retro Chic

 Dress/top: Topshop, but I couldn’t find it online so I’m linking a cute kinda similar blouse and another fun dress. ••• Skirt: Brea Basic jersey knit midi ••• Boots: Jessica Simpson â€¢â€¢â€¢ Sunglasses: target â€¢â€¢â€¢ Handbag: Coach
If I were to drag Beckett back outside to retake these photos I probably wouldnt pair these round glasses with the 70s-looking print. It just looks a little too much like a flashback, but I couldn’t help myself. 
I am loving the caramel-tone neutrals for spring/summer because they have a warmer hue and pair unexpectedly with pastels and bright colors. 
Whatever category this dress (or is it a top?) falls into, I 💗 it! It’s not maternity so it’s superduper tight on me, but I look forward to when it hangs looser like it would on you regular human people. 😉 The back is to die for, but I forgot to have Beckett take a picture of it. From the back it kinda looks like the dress is a skirt and cropped shirt. It’s really flattering. If I find the real dress, I’ll link it right away! It was from Nordstrom Rack and I know they tend to run outta things, but I can’t imagine I bought the very last one ever. 
Anyway, I hope you have a better-than-normal day and that you enjoy my cheesy pics! 😆