For the Love of Leopard and My Photoshoot Beauty Routine

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What color should we paint our front door? You can see it in these pictures below… I think our HOA already approved all 3 colors, but I’m still torn! Comment below!

Black? Light blue? Salmon?

Life update:

It turned out that Wellesley has RSV and it’s breaking my heart. She’s currently napping right next to me now and I’m just praying this doesn’t get worse.

Beckett is finally feeling like he’s getting into the swing of things and that kids are listening better than they had been so that’s good!

I’ve been trying to collaborate with a few fellow bloggers to help spread the news that I’m looking for art commissions. Being a stay at home mom is literally the most fulfilling thing ever, but I am praying to be able to be helpful by selling art. So if you feel so called, please share, share, share to help us spread the word! I love painting embryos and ultrasounds, barns, and Christmas scenes, but I recently expanded to doing custom florals as you can see here!

Deals to know today:

This outfit:

Ok, so you know the top is from Shein, but I need to share a few more details with you. Yesterday’s sweater was size Medium and so is this leopard tie neck shirt, but I would say size up for this blouse if you are on the busty side; it’s a little tight on my chest and a bit shorter than I hoped for. But it’s still 100% lovely!

Belt: Hermes dupe from, similar monogram in brown… Michael Kors | Boots: old from, but I’ll share a similar pair under $25 here | Bag: Chanel is from Gilt, but I found a similar Chanel bag under $2000 from yesterday’s post here | Jeans: from Target, but I’m loving these Calvin Klein lately

When I’m done breastfeeding this medium will fit fine, but being a little busty right now, it’s a little tight… as you can see!

I also have to tell you about my lipstick because it’s my favorite and it literally won’t come off. lol! In fact, I wore it two and a half days straight after this shoot because I was too lazy to take it off! It’s so good! Here are the links to all of the makeup I’m wearing in this post:

Please note that the mascara is not waterproof, but the eyeliner is.




kittsona9kittsona3kittsona1kittsona13kittsona16kittsona17Hi folks, if you follow along with me on my Instagram stories (@the_classy_artist) you know that I was at an adorable little shop called Kittsona this past weekend and today I get to share a discount code with you and pictures of what I got while there! I don’t see my exact purchase online, but they have tons of options in the shop!

On Saturday I went out to brunch at the Urban Eatery with a group of my Style Collective sisters from the Midwest (ND, MN, and WI) and it was so fun! I love doing meetups with those girls because 1) they’re fun and 2) they’re a wealth of knowledge about blogging! We shared a few stories and tips as we talked about fashion, life, and food! If you’re a blogger or thinking of getting into blogging, message me and let me know and I can recommend some great resources to you!

The discount code is STYLECOLLECTIVE15 and can be used while shopping the online Kittsona shop today through Sunday, May 21st!!! But since that only works online, if you go into one of their actual stores (found in Saint Louis Park MN, Bismarck ND, Fargo ND, Grand Forks ND, and Austin TX) you can just show them my Instagram or blog post about them and they’ll still honor the 15% discount though May 21st. YAY!

Here is a photo of the group! I’ll post it on Instagram with their tags too if you want to follow some of them too!

While I was there I met a really sweet girl working there who shares the same name as one of my sisters! Oh, and speaking of sisters! My little sister, Katie used to shop at “a cute little boutique” up in North Dakota while in school up there and it was called Kittson (now called Kittsona). She would always come home wearing super chic sweaters and boots and I always got the same response when I asked, “so… where’d you get that?!” And it was always Kittson.

So it was really cool for me to go into this adorable shop and realize why Katie loves it so much!

What’s your favorite item on their website? Also, if you’re in Minnesota, you MUST go into the store! It is adorable and I like that it has a little bit of something for literally everyone no matter their style! They even have some home decor items! I died over an elephant book end, but left without it (crying). 😉

Before I go I have to share the following photos from our Mother’s Day picnic with you too because I literally can’t even….



It's fringe-ed cold out there: a guide to fringe sweaters under $50

Girls, I got this sweater last year and it’s one of my favorites so I wanted to share the joy and link a few of my current favorites below.
This one from Sole Society is so fun! I like that the fringes make it seem free and a little wild 😜 plus it’s on sale for under $50!
Lord & Taylor does it for me every time 💥 They didn’t fail in the awesomeness department when they designed this oversized sweatshirt with leather fringes!

This Bobeau sweater takes casual chic to a new level. As an added bonus, the fringes are by the hips, making this version of the fringe sweater more friendly for those of us who are busty. 
The length of this fringed Mango cardigan is spot on. So is the silhouette! And the price is right, coming in at just over $26!
Another inexpensive work of loom art is this Cotton Emplorioum sweater. Just take in its beauty then buy it because it’s just under $26 too!
Philosophy does it again with the fringe hem on this sweater. One look and I’m in heart. 
Zuilly is on my radar these days and you’ll see why here! It’s a red mock neck turtleneck with a deep v pattern and fringe hem! 
I almost skipped this Asos sweater, but it has both fringes and pompoms so I couldn’t. 
Finally, if you’re into off the shoulder sweaters, NY & Co. has you covered, or rather, partiall uncovered. Cute. Sweater: banana republic, older (see above for other options) | Blouse: Jcrew, older (similar here)| pants: similar by Vince Camuto ($40!)| booties: Jessica Simpson, similart here | bag: Michael Kors, similar under $30 | scarf: bought in China, similar here ($10)
Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy some or at least one sweater I linked! Check them all out and see if anything catches your eye! I was going to make a collage so you can see every one, but I thought it might look too cluttered and it would still be hard to tell which is which. So you’ll just have to click on each link individually. 
Happy weekend! 

5 Ways to Stay Classy in Flannel

fall-booties-plaid-shirt-classic-style-classy-fashion-the-classy-artist-with-old-navy-vest-cute1. Layer a vest or chic sweater over the shirt to add another stylistic element into the mix. Layers=good. I love this vest because of the gold zipper and perfect fit.
2. Pair it with a seasonally appropriate color of pants instead of blue jeans. Why does this work? Everyone expects you to look like that classic farm girl in flannel and jeans, but you don’t have to! Add some unexpected pants or a skirt in a fun color (my favorite color skirt to wear with plaid is hot pink).
3. Jazz things up with a bow or sparkly, expensive looking jewelry! You can never go wrong with bows or pretty jewelry.
(I had to add this pic above because… ponytail flip. lol)fall-trends-classic-style-with-plaid-shirt-and-vest-old-navy-ag-jeans-and-wedges

4. Add heels (or at least booties). If you’re on your feet all day like I was as a teacher, I recommend wedges or a comfy pair of the chunky heeled booties that are popular now. If you just cannot wear heels for whatever reason, there are TONS of stylish booties out this Fall

5. Do sleek, gorgeous hair and Makeup. Think glam curls & a smoky eye. For example, MY hair in this post looks horrendous and is not how you want your hair to look when you wear plaid. Believe it or not, I had gorgeous curls, a side braid, and lots of volume before we shot this…. in the rain. YES, it was raining. I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures, but there was a light sprinkle happening at that time– something the weather’s been doing a lot these days here in sunny MN. I thought I could beat the humidity by wearing a curled ponytail instead of my hair down like I normally do, but alas… hair fail. 😛


An alternative title for this post could be How to Not Look Like You Were Raised in a Barn While Wearing One of Fall’s Most Popular Trends: Flannel, but that would have been too long. And I decided it wasn’t good to insult barn dwellers right in the title of my post. But if you were raised in a barn, please comment below and tell me what it is like to sleep with such noisy animals. 😉

Outfit details:

Flannel shirt: || Vest: Old Navy || Pants: old, from my sis-in-law but I REALLY LOVE THESE  because they would be a surefire way to dress up plaid! But if you’re not in to the leather look, here are some very similar to mine for under $60 || Booties: last season Dolce Vita, here’s the updated style under $50 (real leather!!) || Cross body: vintage Coach, newer version here, less expensive (yet AMAZING) style here  and $50 real leather style here || Bow: mine is from my grandma, but they’re selling them now at places like F21 and Urban Outfitters || Earrings: BaubleBar from last year, similar here! I regret not getting a better shot of the earrings, but I haveta tell yuh– I recommend the BaubleBar brand because their earrings are so adorable and well made. Having quality jewelry is important to me because I’m allergic to nickel and cheap jewelry has a coating that wears off after a few times wearing the jewelry and then my ears literally bleed. Sorry, tmi, but true.

Ok, cue stories of barns…