7 white blouses you'll want to wear past Labor Day

blue ivy shirt 7
When it comes to fashion, rules have changed dramatically over the last decade. Mix black and brown. Don’t be afraid to wear what makes you feel comfortable. Athletic wear can be chic & socially acceptable in public (hello athleisure). Peep toed shoes in the fall? No problem, just add wooly socks! And white– it’s A-Ok to wear 12 months of the year– as long as it’s weather appropriate.
In fact, I believe fashion rules are actually made to be broken. The industry thrives off of it. If no one ever broke fashion rules we would still be dressing in robes and sandals like Noah. A robe sounds real comfy right now, actually…
What fashion rule do you want to be the first to break? I would love to find a way to make maternity jeans more comfortable because it seems like there’s a secret rule that maternity jeans have to be uncomfortable/not stay up. Is there a trend you want to try, but you’re afraid someone will think you’re not dressing your age? Or maybe you love a certain style, but you’re afraid to change out your wardrobe.Â
Speaking of thinking, Beckett & I went to a new Bible study group this week and were challenged to start finding tangible ways to love our actual neighbors. I loved that because we don’t usually talk with our actualneighbors. I know Jesus said we need to love our neighbors, but whenever I hear sermons on that topic, it always focuses on how everyone around us is our neighbor… and I think that makes me lose sight of my physical neighbors.Â
So anyway, if you’re up for the challenge, how can you love a neighbor this week?
Blouse Options:
1- FEW Moda from Saks off 5th, | 2- H&M Jacquard blouse3- Kas Saks off 5th4- Revolve5- H&M Ruffle Blouse6- H&M Bow Blouse7- Endless Rose Nordstrom Rack|
I am sorry to not have pictures of the blouses on here, but I ran out of time so you’ll just have to click through the links above to see how darling the tops are!!!
The rest of the outfit
Jeans: linked Articles of Society, they have a great shape!| Booties: Same cut and in a beige color| Belt: mine is from Overstock last year, I also just found an AWESOME monogram belt at the Ralph Lauren outlet in Wisconsin Dells and was about $25, but the closest in price I can find online is this Michael Kors belt from The Real Real. Otherwise, most other monogram belts right now are in the $400+ price range.
blue ivy shirt 2blue ivy shirt 4blue ivy shirt 5
Well, if you didn’t know it before, Im obsessed with white (or off white) tops. They go with anything and are completely timeless!

Mixed Prints, Mixed Messages Under 30

Shein Collage of my favorite things in February and january under 30

Hello Loves!

Has the flu hit your household yet? Wolfie’s been under the weather lately so we have been laying low for about a week and a half. But then this morning the sun was shining and Wolfie was finally his hyper self again. Talk about mixed messages. So we decided to shower off the weekend grime and make a short trek to a place I enjoyed as a kid– Wild Rumpus Bookstore! I got a few photos of the outside so I’ll share more later. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a kids bookstore in Minneapolis that has a magical atmosphere, complete with animals running around. 🙂
I still remember the book I got there when I was about 11. It has gold binding and it is about the marriage of a certain princess Isabel from Italy. I still often think about Wild Rumpus, where tailless cats roamed free and the floorboards had been replaced by glass to see the mice beneath our feet. My one childhood visit there had such an impact on me that I thought Beckett and I needed to make it a tradition to bring Wolfgang there.
There was a book signing going on while we were there. The author of The Digger and The Flower was there, which made things hectic, but exciting nonetheless. Wolfie was most thrilled to find three new Berenstein Bears books he didn’t have yet. It’s crazy to me how much he loves those “Bear Bear” books, as he calls them. He won’t sit through a lot of shorter books, but he will sit as we read Junk Foodor Messy Room 100,000,000 times!

Now onto my latest fashion finds under $30.

Oh, and let me note for you that there are only 3 things close to $30; one’s a belt, one’s a mug, and the other is the sequin sweater. I couldn’t believe how great the prices are for all of this! As always size up if between sizes.

  1. Botanical Blouse $20

    • I love that this blouse has a lot of personality in that print and it reminds me of the bright prints Gucci often uses.
  2. Gingham Zipper Pants $19

    • I don’t think this print or this cut of pants ever goes anywhere… they’ve both been going strong since at least the 50s, probably longer.
  3. Dotty Mesh Shirt $9

    • Polkadots have their moments, but they never go out of style. Picking up a shirt like this for $9 will be a fun wear all year long!
  4. Camel Knot Sweater $19

    • This sweater looks so classic to me. It reminds me of something my grandma Delores would have had in the 60s.
  5. Brown Ribbed Pullover $15

    • Can you tell I’m obsessed with brown? I think it looks so good on a brunette (like me!) so I think everything I’ve bought lately has been brown.
  6. Dotted LBD $20

    • I have a shirt basically just like this dress and I wear it all the time. I think a dress like this would get worn a lot too!
  7. Sequin Spring Sweater $29

    • Who doesn’t love bright pretty sequins?!?
  8. Forrest and Cardinal Lace Blouse $16

    • I guess this post is all about getting Gucci looks for less because this shirt also reminds me of some of what Gucci has out this year. It also helps that the model is wearing a G belt in the picture!
  9. Contigo Washable Straw Waterbottle $12.99

    • I am constantly thirsty and I NEVER drink enough water unless I have a water bottle with a straw. This one can be put in the dishwasher, which is really attractive to me since my last one died because I put it in the dishwasher and it melted.
  10. Tropical Coffee Tumbler $29

    • We’ve been trying to be really cheap lately so we have been making all of our own coffee at home. Sometimes I look at cute mugs because I think they make drinking coffee more fun. 🙂
  11. Gucci Me Not H&M Belt $7

    • I have been kinda wanting a Gucci belt for awhile, but with a price like that I cant. So I found this H&M dupe that has a similar look, but is practically 1/100 of the price. The trend will soon pass and I’ll be glad I didn’t get one, not that I could have– because it’s $550 and that could feed a small family for a month.
  12. HairCalf Favorite $29.99

    • Have you noticed that I link these leopard calfhair belts often? That’s because I have one and wear it CONSTANTLY!!! Seriously, get one if you don’t have one because it will be your new favorite!

In tomorrow’s post I’ll show you one of my FAVORITE Shein finds so far that I didn’t include above! <3

la la lollipop


We’ve been having tons of family fun time this week while squatting at my in-law’s cabin. 😉 We’re soooo thankful for this little mini break!


fyi- you don’t know how hard it is to take a lollipop licking picture without it looking dirty… lol

One of the things we did on Saturday was to drop by an old fashioned candy store for lollipops and other goodies. Wolfie was especially drawn in by all the bright colors and sweet treats in the store!



I ordered this dress from Romwe on Amazon and think it’s the perfect thing to wear this spring! It’s a little short so I will wear it with pants on cooler or windy days. 😉 

Order a size or two up, knowing it’s short and would fit too tight if you use your normal size. I’m wearing the XL. Keep in mind I’m 5’10” and needed length along with it to fit in the bust.

The best part is it’s only $14.39 and is perfectly on trend. What better way to update a normal dress/shirt than to add a flattering crisscross detail?!


He just got a mini-taste, don’t worry!c19new

There’s a story about my hair so here it is:

My husband and I were watching Friends and when Phoebe had her hair like this in an episode my hubby and I both thought it was kinda fun. So I jokingly told him I would wear it like this sometime.

Fast-forward to Friday while in a mall and I look over and see an ad with a girl in this hairstyle again! I thought, “ok, tomorrow’s the day!”

And that’s why I’m wearing Princess Leia buns! lol

A similar headband for $12 is linked here and it’s so elegant!


Can you see how much this little guy loves to walk?! Today he literally ran up the stairs (while I held his hands, of course)!


My loves! Look how cute they are!!!!!

What do you think of the crisscross dress? Would you wear it as a dress or shirt?!