Although it is not yet Fall, I’m starting to feel like I want to put away the neon sundresses and bring out darker, more muted pieces of clothing. But at the same time, I want to savor summer and spend the rest of it in weather-appropriate attire. Here is one way to stay true to Summer while giving a nod to the coming of Fall.
One time I ACCIDENTALLY wore a see-through shirt on a date with a guy going into pastoral ministries. I believe my bra was pink & lacy too. I had no idea throughout the entire date! And when I got home, my sisters noticed and I never heard the end of it! And me? I was so embarrassed, but endured the teasing because I have to admit, it makes for an entertaining story. I still feel like a horrible person when I think about it though…. the good thing is that I dated a lot of (soon-to-be) pastors so you’ll never really know who he was. Should I be admitting this?
I’m so lucky to have married the videogamer/actor/writer/teacher that I did! 🙂 
Blouse: Limited (similar) || Crop top: Asymmetrical or V-neck (similar) OR you could go a little more daring with one of these options (mesh 1 & mesh 2) || Shorts: American Eagle || Shoes: Go Jane that are similar to Valentino || Necklace: similar from Nordstrom Rack || Bracelet: Anna Viktoria (Swedish designer) || Earrings: old from Nordstrom Rack (similar here in “Amber”) || Purse: old (similar from DVF— on sale now!)
You might catch a little flak for wearing a crop top under a transparent shirt. And although I am a firm believer in modesty, I think that modesty has WAY more to do with how a person conducts his or herself than what he or she wears. 
My college bestie, Lauren from Piping Dreams, pulled off this look earlier this summer at a house party and it looked great! Though her shirt situation was more like the bra-under-a-slightly-see-through-shirt look, it was still the same idea. Sure, it caused a little drama because it was not your average t-shirt, but she didn’t come off as desperate or overexposed– she just looked sophisticated and daring. 
The key to this look is to wear a summery crop top (or something similar) under a sheer (Fall-colored) shirt. And then just rock it. Be confident, but not needy. Add in your choice of shorts, purse, and coordinating shoes. 
Hope you are having a great day! 
Disclaimer: your daddy or husband has to approve your choice of crop top, OK? 

Monday Musts (the home-ish edition)

These Franco Sarto shoes (Asos)  || rug from IKEA 
Can I just say how comfortable these shoes are???? Flats with straps are 🙌
Painting by me || silk flowers from Home Goods || silk flowers & gelled “water” from JoAnn Fabrics 
 My little sweeties!  
These silk roses were under $4 each at Joann Fabrics the other day!!! The pink pillow in the background is also from Home Goods too. I always find a few cute & inexpensive things in there!
This past week my husband was gone hiking a mountain in Colorado for a bachelor party. So while he was gone, I worked hard to add little finishing touches to our main floor living space. Neither of us felt really at home in the family room/kitchen area, but we couldn’t quite figure out how to make it cozier. My idea of ‘cozy’ I guess was to just add a few small, but bright accents around to make the colorful theme pop more and to create more interest! 
I did lots of other things too, but I can’t post them yet because I still need to show them to my [tired] mountain man!