snakeskin blazer & pushing forward in stress

About this Blazer:

Can you tell I’m a fan of snakeskin?! Yes, it’s trending right now, but I have to say I love it no matter what! I never met an animal print I didn’t like as long as it’s done in a classic way! and what is more classic than this $22 blazer?! (ps. if you can’t find the blazer with my link, use search ID 628289).

Use code SH4131 for %15 off, no limitation, valid until march 31st, 2019!

Shein has one of the best selections of animal print that I’ve ever seen and this blazer is just one of the many items I own and love of theirs! Yes, I agree that if you’re looking for classic pieces on their site, sometimes you have to wade through a slew of neon, barely-there “party dresses,” but I’ll tell you it’s worth it!

My favorite way to search is from their homepage and go to the dropdown titled “CLOTHING” and “Blouses.” Then select from the “elegant” or “preppy” categories, though the casual section hosts many great options as well.

I also like to browse their “casual,” “maxi,” and “elegant” dresses because they have great options for everything from hot summer days to fancy weddings.

Speaking of animal prints, my Leopard Print *actual art print* is just $20 over on my shop!

Life lately:

Have you missed me? Yes, I’ve been a bit MIA, but it’s because I’m constantly working on a secret project. So far, I will say that it’s honestly the biggest, most difficult, most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my entire life — other than motherhood. In my mind, I keep comparing the work I’m putting into it on the time and effort I spent on my Master’s degree, which scares me a little because that stress reminds me of grief.

If you knew me back when I lived in Sweden or afterward, you would know how important Sven was to me. He was an orange rag doll who behaved more like a dog than a cat, and I cared for him like a child. So when he suddenly passed away one Friday morning — in the midst of all of the work, writing, teaching, and research — I grieved very hard.

So now when I have times of intense stress, sometimes my mind reacts by feeling like it should go into grief or survival mode. Instead of focusing on the next steps I need to take, sometimes I start worrying about the what ifs and the future. I’m no psychologist, but I know that’s unhealthy and unbiblical. God’s Word tells us to not worry about anything… to not worry about things because God loves us even more than we imagine and He’s like a Father who wants us to run to Him so He can protect and teach us.

It’s a conscious decision for me to focus on my tasks at hand instead of worry, but I know it’s the right decision.

What makes you worry? How do you actively work to combat those negative thoughts and press on toward your goal?



“Why did it have to be…”


What’s that from? 🙂

Can you tell I had a little fun taking these!? A little artsy, maybe?

Anywhoo, this snakeskin print bag from SheIn is so nice for just $17! I said it before and I’ll say it again… I am so impressed! To shop: or use search ID 655539 on the Shein Website!

It’s just $17 and you get 15% off of your purchase with code SH4131 now through March 31, 2019!!!!

Can you tell I had a little fun with this shoot?! But I also need to show you the smart compartments inside the bag too, which I think are great quality! See?

I really love that the purse’s flap closes really easily with the magnet!

Jeggings: AE high rise (on sale now!) | Blouse: similar here | Leopard Cami: VERY similar here from Nasty Gal



cozy long cardi

Ladies, I have to tell you about this exact cardigan I just got from Lemon Drop Love!!!! Why? Because it’s seriously incredible! I wish you could see it in real life because you just don’t know how good it is until you feel it and see how it moves. The stitching is incredible too. And I don’t say this lightly… it is my new favorite cardigan!!!!

It also has pockets!!! Need I say more?!

I don’t want to make you feel like you need a long cardigan if you don’t because I never want to be that girl. BUT if you are even thinking of getting one… you need THIS ONE! It’s just $39 and you get 15% off of your purchase with code LEMON at checkout. I’m not sure how long that discount will last so I would snag it sooner than later!

What draws me to this cardigan even more is that it looks polished enough to wear on a date night (or to Bible study like I did tonight!!!), but it also can be worn around the house as I play with my kids and do housework (like I did all day!!!). haha

The other reason I love this sweater and the whole shop itself is that it’s run by someone who is truly seeking the Lord and doing his work, which seems so rare in this day. is founded by Nancy Johnson who I grew up knowing from church and who worked with her husband to start a branch of Youth for Christ in my hometown. They have since moved their family to Colorado, where they continue to touch lives and spread joy… errr… lemon drops of love!

I posted about them here too!

Really, it’s a shame you can’t feel the fabric on this thing, it’s so soft, sturdy, and cozy!

By the way, how do you like my curtain choice in our dining room? 😛 When we moved into this house we brought some curtains from our old house with us. After putting up all the curtains again in our new house I realized I had a problem. I didn’t have 4 matching panels for our two window dining room! Well, you can be sure I put my college degree to work with my epic problem solving skills (kidding) and decided to match the two panels on the inside of both windows and then match the panels on the outside. Subtle, but still there. Maybe some day I’ll save my pennies to change it, but for now we don’t mind.

I’m sure you don’t really care about my curtains, but these are the things I put way too much thought into. However, I’ve got your attention still so I’m going to inform you of what I decided about my dining room curtain situation for *someday* in the future: I want a crazy colorful pattern for the future curtains to spice up our dining room, which currently looks too normal for my taste- hehe. In fact, I would love it to look like a watercolor brushstroke frenzy with bright colors. And then I would line the edges with some sort of gold fringe. Don’t judge me… I like a little drama, a little color, and a whole lot of interesting in my design style. It makes me happy and helps me feel cozy at home…. and I think that should be the whole point of interior design.

Continuing on with my interior design rant… I’m not into crazy colors on the walls, unless done sparingly and thoughtfully. I would rather have a color somewhere easier to change, like artwork (please feel free to browse mine here), throw pillows, or curtains.

Let me know if you have any questions about the cardigan… or if you have any questions about your curtains… I can give lots of crazy artist recommendations! Sometimes I wonder if I should have called this blog the Cray Cray Artist instead 😉



if I could design a shirt…

Life lately:

Before all else, look at this little cutie! She and Wolfgang are just the apples of my eye! I posted some of these last week, but had to post more because I just love her so much!

Wellesley has two cousins due soon & we are soooo looking forward to meeting them! I gave their moms my tips to going into labor a bit early and my #1 tip is to eat a can of the SPICY Bush’s Baked Beans!!!! In case you’re wondering, I ate 1/2 a can at night, at the second 1/2 the next morning and then went into labor that day! I also walked and tried another method found in this article, but I won’t talk about it on here. lol, I’ll let you guess.

I should also specify that I’m not a doctor and I’m not guaranteeing anything, but it’s what worked for me x2 and I was 3 days early with my first and 8 days early with my second!

There’s a new book I’m reading called, Creating a Beautiful Life by Elizabeth George and it has been really thought-provoking so far and I’m only a little ways into it!

I love how she pulls from her knowledge and experiences to help me think of ways to prioritize and teaches me how to set myself up for success each day. I never thought of myself as a procrastinator before because in college and grad school I always was that student who had the assignment done a few days after it was given. I also always try to work super hard at everything and get things done, but I noticed over the last few years I’ve been getting a little slower and almost lazy so I’m so excited for how this book is reigniting that fire & drive within in a gospel-centered way!

Speaking of drive, have you been watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix with the rest of America? Well we have been and let me tell you– our donate pile is beyond. It is so freeing to finally be decluttering and getting rid of old/unused objects. I kinda started in the middle of the Marie Kondo Method though since we purged our closets a few months before Wellesley was born. So far we have completed the kitchen, laundry, powder bath, living room, and front hall closet. We still have a ways to go, but it feels so fresh to be rid of unwanted and unused items.

The article I linked above and here is not the actual Netflix show, it is a Australian news article with a bit of a warning to people who start purging all of their old items and donating them to charities. It basically states that charities are getting overwhelmed with junk people are dumping with them as a direct result of the show. It essentially says to recycle or throw away your junk instead of making charities do it. No one else wants our broken, torn, or otherwise useless things. On the other hand, now might be a great time to hit up your local thrift store to do some shopping because I bet a lot of people are getting rid of unused clothing, gadgets, shoes, and bags– I know we are!!!

The blouse:

When I was little, I used to draw outfits ALL the time. In fact, going through my old sketchbooks I think 80% of my childhood artwork was fashion related and sometimes I still like to dream up designs from time to time. And I am not joking, this top is very similar in concept to one I designed last year around Christmas; except I love the leopard even more than my design, which included a plaid in various shades of dark brown.

Actually, the main thing I love about this blouse is that the stiff (but still comfortable) material gives it some sheer structure. The bow is grand and the sleeves have that feminine little poof!

When I was a girl I always adored Laura Engles Wilder books and when she describes her desire for puffed sleeves I always knew exactly what she meant. 😉

Order one size up if you’re busty.


These jeans are actually the high-waisted jeggings from American Eagle, which I think are the absolute best fitting jeans out there. I order one size down and am tall so I always need the longs. These are actually not the longs because I was in a hurry (tired) and didn’t want to try them on and the salesgirl advised me that they run long…. not true… don’t trust salespeople. 😐

This is my exact pair of jeggings, but other ones I like include these green ones,  &these cropped distressed jeggings– that hem is so cute and casual!


These are my Jessica Simpson nude pumps. they are very high heeled, but they don’t feel like it because they are relatively well designed. I also love this updated version of her nude pumps with a little peekaboo feature.

If you are a heel wearer you know that it can be difficult to find comfy pairs so my tip today is that Jessica Simpson and Sam Edelman brands are really great designers who won’t kill your your feet or your bank account like other brands can.

Hope that was helpful!