The perfect Christmas gift for jewelry lovers: Carolyn Hearn Designs

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What I’m loving:

Hello friends,

Today I want to share Carolyn Hearn jewelry with you because I think her work is absolutely unique and gorgeous! I actually reached out to her to see if I could partner with her because I stumbled across her work online and felt like they were truly works of art! Why? Because her Lotus earrings and essential oil jewelry are so genius! Click for the link to my exact bracelet stack!

My bracelets actually came in the Connection Club box, which would make a great Christmas gift for that bracelet lover in your life! It’s a monthly bracelet subscription box created by Carolyn. You can choose to do a monthly, 3-month, or 1-year subscription. For Christmas, my extended family draws names and gives $100 gifts so if you do the same, you could do a month or 3-month subscription and still add in other things like luxurious YSL lipstick or your favorite oils (thanks to my sis-in-law Peyton, I got hooked on Ginger while I was pregnant because it was one of the few things that helped my morning sickness!!!)!

Another thing I love Carolyn Hearn Designs is that it is a small business and I think it’s so, so important to support small businesses, especially this time of year. I watched my dad work so hard while I grew up to build his small business into something more, working 12+ hours a day to make sure my family had what we needed. So go show this incredible designer jewelry brand some love and support because her creativity is 100 and I can only imagine the blood, sweat, and tears that has gone into what she does!! <3

When you do, use code KW20 to get 20% off!!!!

Beautiful objects or places often inspire my paintings. And her work certainly inspired me to paint something a little more abstract than usual!

Keep reading to see the finished product!!!

Life Lately:

You know your kid is sick when he tells you when it’s time for his nap! Yep, Wolfgang and Wellesley are both still sick with RSV, but we saw our pediatrician today and she thought both were on the mend!!! PTL!

I feel like I’m officially sick now so I think next week’s blog content will be a lot of gift roundups and things that don’t require me to go outside in the snow and take pictures. We shall see how I feel tomorrow though!

Beckett and I are loving the shows: Last Man Standing, Superstore, and A Million Things. What are you watching lately?

On a completely separate note, I wanted to share a few of my favorite current chenille sweater deals because I’m wearing my sweater today and it feels like I’m in pjs, but looks sooo luxe! Here’s a post from last year in my gorgeous gold chenille I’m wearing today! Shop the photos below!

Below is a picture of when I was painting during nap time the other day. Someone doesn’t believe in naps, and believe me, it isn’t me! She cooperated well for the pictures though! 

Here’s the (mostly) finished painting I created based on my bracelet stack from my Connection Club!!!

The painting still needs to be mounted to make it smooth, but I’m actually loving it now that I balanced it out!

All the love!



Embryo or Ultrasound Painting Giveaway!!!!


About the Giveaway

Hi girls! I decided to give 2 different mamas a painting, one embryo and one ultrasound. To enter, go find me on Instagram if you haven’t already and enter by following the instructions under the same photo as the one  you see in this post! My username is @the_classy_artist, I’d love to be friends with you on there if we aren’t already!
You can earn an extra entry by following my blog and commenting below telling me your journey to motherhood so we can get to know each other. Don’t forget to include your Instagram username so I know who to attribute the extra entry to!
Entries will be accepted until August 28th at 5PM
Winners will be contacted on Instagram through direct message the evening of August 28th and must claim the prize by responding to the message before winners are announced on August 31st — so be sure to check your messages or else the prize will go to someone else.

Sharing in the Journey

I’ve been learning so much lately about other women’s journeys to motherhood, but I don’t always share my own because sometimes I feel guilty about my relatively easy road to being called, “Mom-moo.” But I know that each woman’s story is beautiful because it is unique and her own.
For me, becoming a mom began about 3 years ago in the standard way… and for a second I was excited about it, but that excitement was suddenly followed by periods of crying and not feeling ready for the pressures and responsibilities of being a mom.  It was very difficult for me, actually, because I knew in my heart that I was excited, but my head went through lists of reasons why I wasn’t ready because I wasn’t perfect and the timing wasn’t perfect either. I had to let all of that go and count my blessings because, let’s be honest, finding that perfect timing is almost as elusive as a unicorn. 😉
I want to be clear though, it wasn’t that I didn’t love my son or that I didn’t want to be a mom, I just didn’t feel ready and honestly it’s ok to not feel ready.
With this current pregnancy we decided to start trying to get pregnant the summer our son turned one because we wanted our kids to be about 2 years apart. Then in December we got pregnant again and were so so excited because we knew the joy of being a parent and we knew how blessed we were to be able to have not just one but two kids.
We’re now nearing the 35 week mark with our second baby and are counting the days until we can meet our sweet baby girl, W.
But now I want to hear from each of you: Are you currently expecting? How many kids do you have? Did you feel like you got pregnant at the perfect time? Were you excited to find out you were pregnant or did you have different emotions at first like I did? Were there complications with your pregnancy (or pregnancies)? Did you adopt? Did you do IVF? Did you experience any loss? Are you a mamma to babies in heaven?
Please let me and others reading this know if you have any prayer requests related to your motherhood journey. I would absolutely love to pray for you and I have the feeling others reading this will feel the same.
P.S. Don’t forget to tell me your Instagram username if you’re doing an extra entry into the giveaway!

I’ve been keeping a secret for a few months… also, you won’t believe how soft this $8.50 tee is!

Top: old navy | pants: TJ Maxx $20, not exact, but look similar | watch: timex – I’ve had mine for a year and wear it often!| bracelets: I’m linking a SUPER pretty alternative! Check it out below too! | hair extensions: barefoot blonde hair in Brownstone | bag: vintage Louis Vuitton | necklace: gold with layers
I’m currently laying in bed, writing this post, and watching the latest Bachelorette. So if there are typos or I actually write the word, “Becca” or “Minnesota,” don’t mind me. 🙂 So far I can’t tell why girls keep complaining about this season because it seems good, but we shall see if it holds my attention in the next few weeks.
This morning I told Beckett that I accidentally looked cuter than I thought I would and therefore needed him to take these pictures- haha! I may have seen him roll his eyes. But for real, the braids got quite a few compliments today because they were so fun!
When planning this post, I mainly wanted to show you this comfy shirt, but I also thought I should reveal my good-hair-day secret and tell you about my Barefoot Blonde Hair extensions. I feel like I can speak to them now that I’ve been wearing them nonstop for a few months.
This isn’t a paid post so you can be sure that I have no special interest in giving these extensions a good review. But I can’t not give them a good review! They are silky, remy hair (all shafts going in the same direction), that is a fine consistency and a great length. However, I think the main attraction to the Barefoot Blonde extensions is that the clips are super great quality and they have an at home try on service (seriously a genius idea b/c I wouldn’t have guessed that ‘Brownstone’ was my color by a website!!). Oh, and the other great thing about this line is that they now come in ‘seamless’ wefts, which are said to feel lighter and look even more flawless.
Seamless is a little more expensive than the traditional kind I got, but now the kind I have is sold out. But I would definitely get the seamless if I were ordering again today.
Have I mentioned how soft the shirt pictured is?! It’s seriously heavenly! And I’m not kidding, I want to find that same material at Joann’s and make a baby blanket out of it! 🙂 Maybe I could line a baby blanket with it!
Ps-here’s a pic of the bracelet I linked and it’s just $18!

why I almost didn’t post this picture and what we can learn from it.

Tonight I almost didn’t post this photo on here or on Instagram over a few shadows on my left leg. I didn’t want you to see that my legs are bumpy or that my hips are wide or that my belly is a lot bigger than it was last time I was 5 months pregnant.
And then I stopped to consciously correct myself on how I was thinking and remind myself that what matters is keeping in good health and being the best me that I can be instead of wishing I could look a different way.
I guess I’m sharing this because I wanted to encourage you if you’re going through something similar. Maybe you’re not pregnant, but it doesn’t matter. God doesn’t need you to be cellulite free, He just wants you to be loving, kind, and to fight for truth and justice.
So tonight please take a minute to take those areas in your life that you beat yourself up over and hand them over to the One who made you and who loves you just as you are.

Top: similar maternity here and regular size (with super cool sleeves) here| sunnies: Nordstrom (these are just $14 and I highly recommend them) | Belt: Hermès dupe again | shorts: target maternity, and a non maternity version here too | sandals: I couldn’t find anything super similar so I wanted to show you a pair that I would order if I needed a pair of cute flip flops… they are leopard print and so classic!| bag: similar concept from Sole Society that’s under $70!
I hope this post has helped you think about how to accept your dimples, pimples, and and quirks so you can better love yourself. Be your best you <3