wear something you really love this spring

My goal for you after reading this post is that you would be able to wear something you really love this spring!

kissy face wear what you love this spring 2019

What I really love this spring!

Are you a fan of sequins?! Great! This sequin and snakeskin tee is my fav and only $11 + use SH4131 until march 31st for 15% off!!!! Use the link above or look it up with code 635419 from Shein’s main site, here.

Let’s be honest though, you may not love snakeskin and sequins as much as I do and that’s 100% ok! As someone who now feels comfortable in my own style, I’ve embraced the fact that my style is often classic, but sometimes a little wild. What do you like?

Diversity of style and low cost is just one of the many reasons I love to shop at Shein online. When I go to their site, I always know I can find some classy or fun pieces– not just for my closet, but to wear everyday while I do life! Because of that, the low prices make me feel more comfortable painting and doing projects in my clothes, but the great styles help me feel myself and put together while dealing with the messy side of life– art and motherhood!

artist fashion wear what you love

Spring is close!!!

Honestly, the idea that it’s almost spring (13 days away!!!) is crazy to me right now. Apparently it was the snowiest February on record and it looks like a winter wonderland out our windows. But all that snow doesn’t stop me from dreaming of warmer weather, few layers, and bright pops of color!!!

What about you, what do you really love?

What types of spring clothes do you enjoy wearing? I personally love to wear loose button downs, jean shorts, espadrilles, and coordinating sunnies! I feel like this year everyone will be wearing kerchiefs in their ponytails, wouldn’t that be lovely? Better stock up on your silk scarves now!

sequins wear what you really love this spring
wear what you really love

You do you and wear something you really love this spring! It doesn’t have to be a big expensive overhaul either, just find a few tops that make you feel amazing!



Special thanks to Shein for partnering with me on this post so I can show you some of my favorite things for spring!!!

3 ways to get summer trends for less

Hi gals! I’m super excited to have another post for you today so in honor of that I thought I’d share 3 shopping tips to help you get your favorite trends for less!

shirt/dress: Shein | Pants: Shein (order just one size up!) | shoes: Old Navy, old for $3.50! Similar-priced here! | Bag: similar LV (not guaranteed real b/c I can’t tell with 100% accuracy) |  Sunglasses: similar Prada here

Inexpensive Clothing:

The first place I like to look for cute and inexpensive tops or dresses is Romwe, Shein, Make Me Chic, or Asos. The Shein brands also have items on Amazon so if you’re an Amazon lover, check them out there! Those sites have clothing styles ranging from classic to the most current trends so you get a bit of everything.

I’ve read other blogger’s reviews about sites like the ones I listed above and one girl was saying that Romwe is fine as long as you only wear the clothes once and don’t wash them. I’ve found that to be a false statement. As long as you wash the clothes on cold and hang them to dry you’ll be fine. But that same rule applies to everything I own. We actually don’t wash anything on hot or use the dryer on any of our daytime clothes (except exercise clothes). So maybe that blogger washed something on hot and it got ruined…?

Is that normal to dry everything? Growing up we always washed everything on hot and dried everything, but when I met my future hubby he explained how clothes last longer and don’t shrink weird if you just skip the heat. Now I’m a total believer in cold water and air drying all of our clothes, minus the underwear and the exercise clothes. What are your thoughts?

Inexpensive Luxury Bags:

Need that perfect way to say congratulations to yourself for finishing another school year strong? Don’t break the bank with a new bag, buy used luxury bags online with the following tips.

When looking for a used LV or Chanel bag it’s always good to do your research first to minimize the chance that you pay hundreds of dollars for a dupe (and yes, if you want a real one it’ll still be at least a couple hundred for a bag in fine or poor shape). I have bought 2 luxury bags secondhand online and feel pretty confident that both are real.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I do sometimes wonder about the authenticity of my Louis Vuitton (pictured in this post) because 1) I bought it on Tradesy — a site that only requires you to claim the bag is authentic — and 2) it’s so old it’s difficult to research. However, I chose this bag feeling confident that it’s authentic after doing about 5 hours of research. I even paid a little more for it vs. another exactly like it because the canvas looked more authentic and all of the markings were correct and visible in the pictures. I still didn’t shell out 1k+ for a LV handbag! The good thing about this site and one like The Real Real is that they’ll handle your returns. A lot of brick and mortar consignment shops don’t do that.

About my Chanel: I’m 100% sure my Chanel is the real deal because it was authenticated by the site GUILT (I trust them), it had all the correct logo markings, it was made of buttery soft lambskin, and the gold on the logo and chain is real (something Chanel stopped doing lately).

If you’re interested in getting one: familiarize yourself with brand logos, bag structures, and other telling signs (like if the brand always matches the pattern on seams). Dupes often have warped or slightly different logos than the real thing. Or they’re totally missing a part of the logo like where it would say “Paris” or wherever it was made.

If you want a second set of eyes to look at a bag, message me or DM me on Instagram @The_Classy_Artist. I can’t promise that I’ll know if a bag is authentic, but I can help you make a better informed decision with what I’ve learned!

Inexpensive Sunnies, etc:

My sunglasses are Prada and were bought as my birthday gift from the Sunglasses Hut outlet in Albertville. They were about $150. If you’re a Minnesotan reader, that outlet mall is a great place to find good deals and it has a lot of the stores you love. But beware of stores that offer “deals” that aren’t really anything special. For example, the American Eagle at that outlet mall isn’t much different than the normal stores.

Other places I like to look for sunglasses, bags, or shoes are TJ Maxx and department stores like Neiman Marcus during their sales. Just wait for the department stores’ annual or semi-annual sales and you’ll find your favorites for up to 70% off! It’s good to go shopping on Dec. 26th, in the fall (like August), and in the spring, but don’t always look for the things you want for the upcoming season. Think back to the season that’s fading out and figure out what you’ll want for next year. Dying over those over the knee winter boots? Hit them up in late February – early spring and save them for the next winter!

Back to the shirt/dress I’m showing in the pictures! I love how good the embroidery looks! Sometimes stuff like that has loose ends or doesn’t look as good in real life as it does online, but I’m totally digging these sleeves. The pom pom fringe is another nice touch!

shirt/dress: Shein | Pants: Shein (order just one size up!) | shoes: Old Navy, old for $3.50! Similar-priced here! | Bag: similar LV (not guaranteed real b/c I can’t tell with 100% accuracy) |  Sunglasses: similar Prada here

I hope this is helpful to some of you and that everyone is having a great day! We’re still homeless and loving it, but starting to look forward to getting back to reality and our own bed soon! Wolfgang’s 1st birthday is coming up and I have a self-induced long to-do list because I love being creative, hosting parties, and making things! And never fear, I’ll share pictures after 🙂 lol