Mixed prints for spring

Top of the day to you! ūüėĀ

Today I wanted to share my favorite spring outfit that takes me through these crazy fluctuations in Minnesota weather! Next I have been dying to tell anyone who will listen about our double stroller because we’ve had it a few months now and still absolutely love it! Finally, I wanted to give a bit of a life update to tell you a few things you didn’t know about us lately.

First, my long leopard cardigan sweater and buffalo check tee are both from Shein. The buffalo check top is literally under $6 now and it’s probably my most worn top and I highly recommend it. I think mine is a size medium. They were gifted to me by the company awhile back and I still wear them all the time! I think the top is a few years old now! The denim shorts are from the Universal Thread line at Target and they work so well for me and my after baby body. I feel like they are long enough and fit the right way to hide some of my baby weight, yuh know?

Our stroller is the Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight and it is the best inexpensive double stroller ever! It’s sturdy, relatively light, folds up well, and has a cup holder! Plus, one of the biggest things about it for me was that it can hold a lot of weight so I don’t have to buy a new stroller as the kids get bigger. Oh, and the wheels work SUPER WELL, which was not our experience with our more expensive single stroller!

In other news, have you heard about our new business venture over here?! It’s an art subscription box called Classy Artist Box! Each month we send out supplies and access to a video lesson on our new site! This was our first month and I feel such a frenzy of nervously working out a few last minute kinks. BUT it’s so exciting to be able to do what I love and pass that joy to people around the country!

Today is an exciting day for us because in a little while we are launching our little kids boxes with options for preschoolers and elementary age kids! More on that soon, but for now here’s a link to our shop!

I love the kids boxes because it’s such a great way to spend time with your little ones in a way that you both can enjoy. Plus I’ve done all the shopping and creativity for you so you don’t have to come up with it all on your own!

Now I’m gonna go and start making the kids examples for our June boxes!! We are starting with fish related projects and I’m so excited to make them with Wolfie (who turns 3 this week)!!!!



13 (pretty) things…

Shein What I Want December edition copy
I didn’t # these like I usually do. I hope that the list is still easy to see which item I’m linking!
Let me do the shopping for you so you have time for other things! I’ll help you find the cutest, most economic, or best of what is out there! I think style hunting should be about finding pieces that hit the trifecta: they should be needed, something you adore, and should be able to stay in your closet rotation for years to come. Whether you’re on the hunt for a cozy sweater, Christmas dress, coat , or accessory I’ll have you covered!

Embellished and Turban Headbands:

Blue Velvet | Embellished Plaid | Warm Embellished Turban | Jeweled Headband | Black Buckle Headband | Silk Embellished Headband

Velvet Dresses:

Reddish Bow Dress | Merlot Trumpet Sleeve Dress | Evergreen Trumpet Sleeve Dress (this also comes in blue)!


Velvet Brown Sports Jacket | Millennial Pink Fuzzy Jacket | Dusty Rose Fuzzy Jacket 


Sequin Colorful Sweater

I hope you find something useful to you in this post!



How to wear a crop top the classy way

yellow orange romwe shirt9newyellow orange romwe shirt10newyellow orange romwe shirt12newyellow orange romwe shirt 8newyellow orange romwe shirt2newyellow orange romwe shirt7new

crop top sweater: Romwe | bag: vintage, similar look under $50 | button down: older, similar here that’s under $10 and comes in blush!| pants: H&M find from Sweden, almost EXACT version here for under $50!!!!!¬†| Shoes: Valentino dupes from Zulily!

Hello my lovely friends!

For all you Midwestern girls out there you know it can be 80 degrees one day and 40 the next so you need to mix your warm and cold weather clothes! So today I thought I would share one way to warm/class up a crop top!

Let’s be honest… it’s almost never¬†appropriate to wear a midriff-bearing shirt. To clarify, I’m not saying it’s bad to show a sliver of belly while wearing a crop top and high waisted jeans/shorts or while wearing overalls. In fact, I personally think showing a sliver of abs can look cute without being overly sexual… as long as every other *cough*¬†reproductive¬†region of your body is FULLY¬†covered. Does that make sense at all?

I probably didn’t word it right, but I think you get the picture.

Most well-dressed fashionistas have the rule: highlight only one asset at a time.

And they follow this even if they don’t realize it.

To prove my point I’ll make a list of places it’s appropriate to wear a crop top that shows a bunch of midriff:

1. the lake

2. the ocean

3. at a cheer squad carwash (lol i’m kidding)

Do you agree? Would you bare your midriff? Join the crop top convo below!



Go Long for Spring 

Longline duster coats can be really flattering and I’m especially digging this pink one for spring! And get a load of the price! It’s literally $14!!!!!!
The material is light enough that it can be worn on warmer days, but it gives enough coverage that you don’t need a jacket if there’s a mild breeze. 
The length goes down to my mid-calf and works really well with tighter clothes underneath. 
The pink goes well with white, neutrals, and gold. It could also be nice with a black “base” outfit. Or some neutralized green or navy pieces. 
When shopping for dusters, sweaters, and tops I always like to know that something looks good from the back. And this long sweater meets that standard! Plus, you cannot beat that price!
The watch is Timex and you can see the old post about and 3 ways to wear it here
Duster coat: Shein (can you believe it’s just $14?!)| pants: similar by Kut| shoes: older, similar by Corso Como | watch: Timex | bag: similar by Calvin Klein | shirt: similar by Asos
Tips for wearing a longline duster: 
For a younger vibe, don’t wear it with anything too professional. Start with an interesting tee shirt and add skinny jeans, flats, and a coordinating bag. Don’t take yourself too seriously in this and don’t worry if not everyone loves this style! Wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful.