Long Leopard Cardi + lots of exclusive discounts just for you!

Hey gals! Here are a few things going on this week for me, what are you up to?

Life lately:

My sister Katie (see her here) came to visit us this week and it was so nice to catch up a little. And she also played with the kids while I did the dishes & curled my hair! I’m such a great host! :/

Beckett brought home a cold from school so we all have been fighting that off and now Wellesley has it and it breaks my heart to hear her so congested.

Right now I’m cuddling Wellesley while Beckett reads a Thomas the Train book to Wolfgang… for the millionth time! lol

This week I’ve also been working on a few bridal bouquet paintings in collaboration with a few other bloggers! Click here to order your own custom painting!

What to know (great Christmas shopping ideas):

For most of us thinking about Christmas shopping starts right about now because we want to be prepared. But shopping can be really difficult when you’re shopping for someone who seemingly has everything she needs! So here are a few special discounts for you to a few stores with really cool and unique designs, whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else!

  • Shein, one of my favorite companies to work with is offering you guys 20% off of your fall/winter needs (or anything really) for being so supportive of this blog! They are also sponsoring this post so here’s the link to my sweater. For 20% off, use code: 4theclassyartist20
    • That makes the sweater just $21 and something you’ll be wearing every fall & winter for yearssss! And the thing I love most about them is you can find literally ANY STYLE for a good price, so whether you like classic or trendy clothes, they have you covered!
  • Lemon Drop Love is also offering you lovely girls 20% off with code: LEMON and I’m all about their new berry colored sweater that will be out soon (I’ll link it when it’s launched!!!)
    • Check out Friday’s post about LemonDropLove.co here! What I like about this online boutique is that everything is affordable, comfy, and adorable. Plus, the owner and her daughter, Danica, are literally the sweetest people you will ever meet.
  • I have the lovely opportunity to work the the genius Carolyn Hearn Designs jewelry this week and they are also having a special sale for you! Get 20% off of her unique jewelry designs. Use code: KW20 
    • I’ll post more about her lines soon, but for now you can always check out Carolyn Hearn Designs here!
    • I’m going to be hosting a giveaway of a bracelet box, the Connection Box, soon but these earrings would make a super unique Christmas gift too!!!!!

Now… let’s talk about this fun outfit!

Shoes: Espadrilles (on sale!!!) | Sweater: Shein | Similar bag: Chanel or Chanel style by Rebecca Minkoff | silky cami: j crew | Jeans: similar Calvin Klein | Monogram belt: MK Michael Kors | Watch: timex | Necklaces: Monogram options–> love from Anthro & Wolf & Badger

To see shoppable images of the items linked above, keep scrolling!! 

I would love to hear from you!



for all my gingham girls

Ladies, this adorable gingham dress is $11. Need I say more?
Oh but I will say more because I have to explain a few other reasons why I love it. Like how the high-low hem is great for when you are busy running errands, chasing your kids around, or working at a job (like teaching) because it means that when you bend over, you’re still fully covered!
I also am thankful for the button-down aspect of this dress because it makes breastfeeding a breeze (ever tried nursing in a dress that isn’t button-down? Yeah, it doesn’t work). Did I mention this would be one of those good before, during, and after pregnancy dresses too? Well it’s true! I recommend wearing it with a belt or a sweater that pulls it in before and after pregnancy though because it’s so roomy.
Being only $11, you wouldn’t expect to experience the type of quality I think this dress is, but it seems to be great quality. I washed it before I wore it and it still looks great. Also, I am impressed with the button quality because they haven’t randomly come undone on me like I’ve experienced with some button-down shirts I have. So I didn’t feel like I had to wear an undershirt and shorts under it, which is kinda nice!
My belt is from a Ralph Lauren factory store we went to in the Wisconsin Dells this summer. We bought it for like $25 (I can’t remember the exact price but it was under $30). I wish beyond wish they had a website so I could direct you to because everything I find online that’s a near approximation to this belt is like $200 & up.
Don’t you absolutely love cognac leather? It’s such a warm, light, beautiful color and it’s even better when pared with gold accents like you see in the RL monogram! Cognac is definitely my favorite color of leather so because I couldn’t find my exact one, I’m linking some similarly colored options with interesting details and that aren’t more than a month’s rent in your first apartment!
Brooks Brothers $29
Express double ring belt $39
Express Western Belt $39

If you’re looking to find ways to spice up your otherwise neutral outfits, add a single pop of color! I found my purse on sale at Target a few years back and I love it because it has proven to be an inexpensive way to bring a special dose of newness and excitement to an otherwise pretty vanilla outfit.
I don’t have an exact dupe of this bag, but I did one better yet by finding you a red crossbody that’s only $9.99!
As for the boots: a very similar pair can be found here from JC Penny’s for $39!!!! I found mine at Walmart.com for about half that last year. I will link to a page with all of Walmart’s over the knee boot options for this season, but they have so many options, I’ll let you see for yourself! 🙂

7 white blouses you'll want to wear past Labor Day

blue ivy shirt 7
When it comes to fashion, rules have changed dramatically over the last decade. Mix black and brown. Don’t be afraid to wear what makes you feel comfortable. Athletic wear can be chic & socially acceptable in public (hello athleisure). Peep toed shoes in the fall? No problem, just add wooly socks! And white– it’s A-Ok to wear 12 months of the year– as long as it’s weather appropriate.
In fact, I believe fashion rules are actually made to be broken. The industry thrives off of it. If no one ever broke fashion rules we would still be dressing in robes and sandals like Noah. A robe sounds real comfy right now, actually…
What fashion rule do you want to be the first to break? I would love to find a way to make maternity jeans more comfortable because it seems like there’s a secret rule that maternity jeans have to be uncomfortable/not stay up. Is there a trend you want to try, but you’re afraid someone will think you’re not dressing your age? Or maybe you love a certain style, but you’re afraid to change out your wardrobe.Â
Speaking of thinking, Beckett & I went to a new Bible study group this week and were challenged to start finding tangible ways to love our actual neighbors. I loved that because we don’t usually talk with our actualneighbors. I know Jesus said we need to love our neighbors, but whenever I hear sermons on that topic, it always focuses on how everyone around us is our neighbor… and I think that makes me lose sight of my physical neighbors.Â
So anyway, if you’re up for the challenge, how can you love a neighbor this week?
Blouse Options:
1- FEW Moda from Saks off 5th, | 2- H&M Jacquard blouse3- Kas Saks off 5th4- Revolve5- H&M Ruffle Blouse6- H&M Bow Blouse7- Endless Rose Nordstrom Rack|
I am sorry to not have pictures of the blouses on here, but I ran out of time so you’ll just have to click through the links above to see how darling the tops are!!!
The rest of the outfit
Jeans: linked Articles of Society, they have a great shape!| Booties: Same cut and in a beige color| Belt: mine is from Overstock last year, I also just found an AWESOME monogram belt at the Ralph Lauren outlet in Wisconsin Dells and was about $25, but the closest in price I can find online is this Michael Kors belt from The Real Real. Otherwise, most other monogram belts right now are in the $400+ price range.
blue ivy shirt 2blue ivy shirt 4blue ivy shirt 5
Well, if you didn’t know it before, Im obsessed with white (or off white) tops. They go with anything and are completely timeless!

Mom-Friendly Faves and New Posting Schedule

up close of boohoo shirt
top: boohoo maternity lace cold shoulder | shorts: Walmart |  shoes: gold espadrilles ($25) | sunglasses: Prada (mine are from sunglasses hut outlet, but these are similar) | bag: Michael Kors tote 
boohoo shirt with shoes 2
Hello beauties! Tonight I wanted to share some of my mom-friendly outfit staples that have gotten me through the last few weeks of pregnancy. I’m now in my 8th month, have poor balance, am constantly hot, and feel like I can barely walk across the room so I absolutely NEED comfy clothes and practical shoes.
If you’re like me, the problem is, we don’t like practical looking anything! Thus, I searched high and low for some cute shoe options to wear & to show you gals! I know that some of you are thinking platforms = not practical, but for a heel-loving gal, these babies are the bee’s knees! Not only can I still chase my toddler in them, but I can also still balance myself with my giant prego belly. 😉 I haven’t even told you the best part about them– they are on sale for 1/2 off @ $25 right now!
up close of espadrilles
The top and shorts are also very comfortable, but still stylish enough that I don’t feel like a complete fashion failure.
If you like the idea of the top I’m wearing, but you aren’t pregnant, I recommend trying a top with a cut more like this or this.  I love the prices of both and the cuts look like they would be very flattering on a few different body types.
The shorts are something RANDOM Beckett and I found at Walmart a few weeks ago. I actually have them in white and camo and I think every girl needs a pair for lazy/errand days when you want to feel like you’re in athletic wear, but still want to look slightly pulled together. They are $9 and STRETCH like crazy so I will be sporting these from now until after Baby Girl Witzke is born because they will fit me no matter what. I anticipate they will fit me next summer too, but we shall see.
boohoo shirt with shoesup close of sunglasses and top
About the posting schedule update:
The meal plans have been really fun, and I may continue them at a later date, but as of right now I need to figure out how to rework the format so it’s easier to read and follow. I also feel like there’s a limited number of those posts I want to do because I kinda like to have meals on rotation every month so if I were just doing this with my own family and not sharing it with you, I would keep rotating through the meal plans and recipes I already made.
So, for now, I am going to start using my Monday post to link to my latest artwork so you guys can see what I’m up to other than my tutorials on Wednesdays. I am also considering doing something different for Thursdays, but for now I will continue posting beauty or fashion-related vids for that.
Beckett’s really excited to start posting on Fridays again and he’s already getting his post for this week ready. As a sneak peek, I will tell you that we recently switched cell phone providers. Come back Friday to hear about our phone fiasco and why we put ourselves through it.
5 x Weekly Posting Schedule:
Monday: art listings and updates
Tuesday: my favorite fashion-related finds
Wednesday: Art tutorial vid
Thursday: Beauty or fashion related video
Friday: Finances for dummies (aka, us)